25 Stylish Laundry Baskets You Need In Your Home

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Having a dedicated collection and organization storage for your laundry is imperative in any household. Without a hamper or laundry basket, your dirty clothes will simply pile up in chaotic and unmanageable piles. Whether you have a hamper in every bedroom, one dedicated collection basket in your laundry room, or both, it is absolutely a household essential.

However, many people write off their laundry baskets as a pesky necessity, either hiding them in their closets or shoving them into a corner. Your laundry basket can be just as decorative as it is functional, though. A cute hamper can add a pop of personality to your bedroom or work to make the room look more cohesive. Similarly, you can use hampers to decorate your laundry room, which doesn't have to be purely utilitarian. As The Basket Lady points out, upgrading from a cheap plastic hamper to a nicer material and design, like wicker, can help add decorative appeal to your room, while also being functionally better for doing your laundry. If you're on the market for a cute new laundry basket, keep reading for an assortment of the most stylish options available for purchase.

1. Crate & Kids Cactus Hamper

Crate & Kids has a large assortment of incredibly cute and decorative hampers, like this Cactus Hamper. Made of woven water hyacinth with pink yarn cactus flowers, this hamper would be adorable in a nursery or child's room, or even a guest room.

2. IKEA Tolkning laundry basket

One of the more laborious parts of doing laundry is having to lug your hamper across the house to your laundry room. The IKEA Tolkning hamper fixes this problem. This willow weave basket has a handle and wheels, allowing you to conveniently roll it through the house.

3. Pottery Barn Tava laundry basket

While quite pricey, this Pottery Barn Tava basket would make for a great addition to a luxury guest bedroom or bathroom. The rattan hand-woven basket comes in three different colors and is small enough to fit in a bathroom for collecting used towels.

4. Brightroom triple sorter

For a more practical, but nonetheless decorative, laundry basket, look towards this Brightroom triple sorter from Target. This basket has a white steel frame with wheels and a handle, as well as three laundry bags for conveniently sorting out your clothes.

5. Crate & Barrel Dixon bamboo hamper

Those on the hunt for a more modern, zen-style hamper will love this Dixon bamboo hamper from Crate & Barrel. The dark bamboo slat design is very minimalistic but eye-catching, and the inside has two separate baskets for separating your laundry.

6. IKEA Purrpingla laundry bag

For a simpler approach, consider this IKEA Purrpignla laundry bag. This is perfect for students or people who have to travel with their laundry, as the simple beige bag can stand on its own, but also has a drawstring top and handles, easily turning into a laundry tote you can carry around.

7. Pottery Barn wheeled basket

This Pottery Barn wheeled basket is perfect for creating more space in your laundry room. The canvas basket is both raised and on wheels and has a maple plywood lid that can close and turn into a tabletop.

8. Costway corner hamper

This Costway hamper sold at Target is great for adding a laundry basket in small spaces. The dark bamboo hamper has a triangular, corner design, with a rounded outer edge, and can easily slide into a corner.

9. Crate & Kids woven hamper

Another gorgeous hamper from Crate & Kids is this Merchant Woven Hamper. Made of woven seagrass, this hamper comes in three colors, and although it's marketed for children, it would look great in any room.

10. IKEA Saluding laundry basket

Another simple but still stylish hamper is the IKEA Saluding laundry basket. Made of woven bamboo, this hamper has a cute rounded top that makes it a little more distinguished than a basic bamboo hamper.

11. Pottery Barn Tava beehive hamper

If you want a more eye-catching, elevated laundry basket, then you'll love this Pottery Barn Tava Beehive hamper. Made of rattan, it has a wide base with a flat conical lid, resembling the shape of a beehive.

12. Oceanstar sorted basket

Keep organization simple in your laundry room with this Oceanstar three-bag basket from Target. The X-shaped frame is made of bamboo and steel and has three bags, labeled lights, delicates, and darks.

13. Crate & Barrel Brabantia laundry bin

Those with minimalist design preferences may have a hard time finding a suitable laundry basket for their bathroom. Luckily, Crate & Barrel's Brabantia laundry bin is perfect for a minimalist bathroom. The cylindrical basket comes in a simple black or white with a cork lid, discreetly hiding your dirty laundry in a minimalist fashion.

14. IKEA Nysjön cabinet

The IKEA Nysjön laundry cabinet is a great addition to any laundry room. The tall cabinet has two shelves that come with laundry baskets on each layer, and a corresponding hole for each shelf, allowing you to simply divide and toss in your clothes as needed.

15. Pottery Barn Gabrielle hanging basket

The Canvas Hanging Hamper from Pottery Barn is part of their Gabrielle laundry system, but it also looks great on its own. The bag can either sit on the floor or be mounted to the wall with an additional peg rail.

16. ToiletTree dual laundry hamper

Another great addition to your laundry room or bathroom is the ToiletTree bamboo laundry shelf and bags sold at Target. Not only does it keep your laundry separated and accessible, but it also offers extra storage or surface space.

17. Crate & Kids Nella hamper

While simple bamboo or rattan laundry baskets are good for neutral bathrooms, those wanting a pop of color should consider the Crate & Kids Nella hamper. It comes in two simple colors and three fun ones, accented by the cute waffle weave pattern. It also has matching floor and shelf bins.

18. Pottery Barn Brabantia hamper

Pottery Barn also sells a Brabantia laundry bin, this one with a more rectangular, elevated design, which also comes in white or black.

19. Honey-Can-Do laundry shelf

If you're low on floor space in your laundry room, this Honey-Can-Do shelf from Target may be able to help. It contains a wall-mounted bracket with a small top shelf and a lower laundry bag. The shelf can be used for practical or decorative purposes, and the bag is positioned at a convenient height.

20. Crate & Kids bear hamper

Another adorable hamper design from Crate & Kids is this Bear Hamper, which comes in white, black, or natural. The hamper has a bear face design and the lid has a pair of bear-shaped ears. Again, while this is designed for children, it would look great in any room in need of a hamper.

21. Pottery Barn Tava divided hamper

If you want a simple and discreet divided hamper, consider this classic Tava Laundry Hamper from Pottery Barn. The outside is a simple, light rattan, oval design, with two basket compartments on the inside.

22. Costway laundry table and basket

Another laundry storage option that is equal parts functional and stylish is the Costway basket table sold at Target. One half has a laundry bag, and the other has three shelves, which can be used for storage, decoration, or both.

23. Crate & Kids Dottie macramé basket

For a slightly older child or younger teenager's room, this Crate & Kids Dottie macrame basket is perfect. Available in white or gray, the basket has a macrame design. There are also matching diaper caddies, shelf bins, and storage bins.

24. 3 Sprouts penguin and lion hampers

This small but adorable duo from 3 Sprouts at Target is perfect for nurseries or toddler rooms. The two-pack hamper set has a cute cartoon penguin and lion design, great for collecting your little one's laundry.

25. Crate & Kids rocket hamper

If your child has an affinity for space, this Crate & Kids Rocket Hamper is perfect. Made of woven water hyacinth, the base has rocket wings and a window, and the top is pointed like a rocket ship.