Create An Indoor Plant Oasis With TikTok's Brilliant IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hack

Over 60% of us have an indoor plant nestled away somewhere, according to Garden Pals, with perhaps yourself included. However, if you have a rather large collection of plants, you may feel like you're beginning to run out of space to display them all. Luckily, there's an easy solution. Thanks to a TikTok hack by @annaallergictobanana, you could instead create a plant oasis using an IKEA BILLY bookcase rather than sporadically placing your plants everywhere. As a result, you'll be left with an indoor space that is both incredibly eye-catching and relaxing to be around at the same time. In fact, it's a very unique way to decorate with houseplants in your home and can help you to create a statement.  

Naturally, as a result of using this hack, you'll also increase how much display space you have for your indoor plants — a perfect solution if you're looking to buy plenty or create your own plant display. Likewise, it will also help to solve your problems if you're running out of space in your own home, as the bookcase will help to utilize as much as possible. So, how exactly can you craft this stunning piece for yourself?

You'll need a IKEA BILLY bookcase

To create your own indoor plant oasis, you'll first need to decide where you want to put it and take any measurements. This will help you to decide what size and style of IKEA BILLY bookcase that you will need. However, these aren't the only considerations to make it work for your space. For example, if you have pets, then opting for a bookcase with glass protection may be more beneficial for you than having one that is open. There are also options for if you want it to reach across two walls or have smaller plants. Of course, you should also consider the size of your plants too. Once you decide which product is best for your space, it's time to organize your oasis. You could do this in size order or just space them around randomly — the choice is yours. 

Simply take your indoor plants and place them in your bookcase on each shelf. You could even incorporate lighting if you want to for an added dramatic effect. As a result, you should be left with a stunning display of plants that really make a statement in any room. Just make sure to consider each plant's requirements so you can care for them properly. For example, some indoor plants may favor more light than others, which may influence both which plants you choose for your display and where you place your bookshelf.