The Clever Way To Repurpose A Spare Planter In A Guest Room

Just like anything that gets bigger over time, your plant babies can outgrow their planter pots and need to be relocated. If you've recently rehomed one of your larger plants and don't have another to put inside your (now empty) oversized pot, don't relegate it to the garage or shed just yet! In fact, repurposing these vessels will give you extra storage in your guest rooms, mainly for your towels. Whether you are expecting an influx of visitors for the holidays or just enjoy hosting friends and family throughout the year, using an oversized pot to hold guest towels will make them easily accessible while still keeping everything looking neat.

You might have kept these linens in a closet or on a surface in the guest room or bathroom, but this can take up precious space that people might need for other travel necessities. Once you've cleaned and sanitized your chic planter, all you need to do is roll a few towels up and insert them into the planter standing vertically. This will make it easy for everyone to grab one when they need it while also producing a lovely and chic aesthetic in the room.

Make your planter easily accessible and convenient

You can likely fit two to four towels inside, depending on the size of your pot, but make sure not to overstuff it. This could make it trickier to remove towels, which defeats the ease this planter hack should create. That said, it's best to stick with larger bath towels for the pot and keep smaller sizes elsewhere, like on racks or hooks around the bathroom.

 If your planter already boasts a decorative pattern or design, it's ready to go. However, if the oversized pot doesn't match your layout or needs a little revamp, consider upcycling it with acrylic craft paint or textured spray paints that will make it a little more notable. White, grey, or other neutral colors will look good on any planter and will also match your surrounding linens without clashing. If you have solid-hued towels in white or other basic colors, this will also lend a hand in keeping a consistent theme in the room. Once the outside of it is designed to your liking, place your towel holder in a corner of your space so it's visible and accessible but won't get in the way of foot traffic. You can also use any extra pots around your house for the same purpose in bathrooms or other rooms, too.