This Budget-Friendly Planter Hack Will Add A Fancy Touch To Any Room

Everyone knows plants need pots, but not everyone knows about saucers. They are shallow plastic or ceramic dishes whose job is to sit under the pot and catch any extra water that drips out of the drainage holes. Sometimes you can purchase matching pot and saucer sets, but they are usually sold separately.

Without a saucer, your plants may ruin the surface they're sitting on. If you water your plants heavily, they can even damage your floors and nearby furniture. Plants need pots with proper drainage to prevent root rot. If no holes are at the bottom, their roots will be stuck in a water pool, killing the plant. It's important to use saucers to catch the water that drips out. Although, Indoor Home Garden explains that you need to empty the extra water every time you water your plants. If you don't, it can be harmful to your plant. While sauces have a purpose, they also add to the aesthetics of your plant collection.

Thrift plates as your plants' saucers

Thrifting your plant saucers is a great way to save money. When you're thrifting, you need to be creative with the items you may find. While it will take more time than going to a garden center and picking one up, the payoff of a unique saucer will be worth the work. Not only will it save you money, but your plants will have a distinctive design too. Eco Club explained that they purchased dishes for about $1 from the thrift store. Depending on what is available near your, some good places to look are local garage sales, Goodwill, and The Salvation Army.

You'll need to look for dishes and ashtrays of various sizes to use as saucers, according to The Houseplant Guru. Almost anything can work as a saucer if you know how to DIY it. As long as it fits under your plant's pot and can hold water, it will work. Plus, finding a new use for second-hand items is better for the environment than purchasing something new or plastic.

What to look for

Using thrifted items as plant saucers allows you to control your décor more. You can buy a set of plates, so your entire collection is cohesive or use mismatched ones for an eclectic look. Depending on the size of your plants, you'll need to look at different types of plates. Small plants can get away with using ashtrays, mini dishes, and tea plates, according to Eco Club. For medium plants, dinner plates may work better. Larger pots need bigger items like platters or serving trays.

If you're unsure about purchasing from the thrift store, dishware is an excellent place to start. It's usually made of ceramic or glass and will be easy to clean when you get home. Depending on your décor style, you can look for vintage pieces or update what you find with some paint. While it will be inconspicuous that your saucers weren't labeled as such when you bought them, you can embrace the vintage tea-set look and use other pieces as pots to match. Bowls and teapots are fun, unique items to use as pots. Just be sure to add pebbles to the bottom to prevent root rot since they don't have drainage holes.