The DIY Anti-Mouse Pouch That Naturally Keeps Mice Away And Will Have Your Home Smelling Incredible

Although some people keep them as pets, mice aren't typically welcome in homes. Many assume they carry diseases and don't want these rodents raiding their pantries. You have many options when removing and repelling mice from a home, but some can be expensive, inhumane, or dangerous for your family or pets. If you want a cheap, safe alternative, consider TikToker @brunchwithbabs' suggestion to repel mice with all-natural pouches packed with spices.

MedicineNet claims cloves, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper are among the many spices that deter mice humanely due to their potent scents. Similarly, the TikToker recommends adding a tablespoon of red pepper flakes, one tablespoon of whole cloves, and one cinnamon stick in a small organza wedding favor bag. The caption also mentions adding star anise. Fill as many bags as you'd like and place them in places that attract mice. These DIY pouches allegedly will keep the mice away, and brunchwithbabs says the fragrance will "make your house smell like Christmas" as an added bonus. But does it work?

How effective are the DIY anti-mouse pouches?

One viewer said the DIY anti-mouse pouch did repel mice, but only for a week. In response to a Quora post about cayenne pepper as a mice repellent, a commenter confirmed the short-lived results. He stated this spice does work, based on personal experience, but it must be reapplied often.

Another viewer in the TikTok thread who made the DIY spice pouches said their mice ate the red pepper flakes, implying that the concoction failed to repel them. A third viewer joked, "My mice made apple cider with the clove and cinnamon. Didn't work." Several others shared the same about the effectiveness. One even claimed the bags attracted more mice.

Other followers offered alternatives to the DIY anti-mouse pouches, including Irish Spring soap bars, using peppermint oil in your home, tabasco sauce, and getting a cat. Spices and organza bags are inexpensive compared to many other rodent repellents, so despite the mixed reviews, it might still be worth your time to make these pouches to see if they work for your situation. If they don't, other low-cost, chemical-free, humane options exist.