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Say Goodbye To Your Cluttered Junk Drawer With This Easy Spice Rack Hack

If you have a junk drawer in your house that holds random items like batteries, safety pins, thumbtacks, rubberbands, etc., you're not alone; we all have one. There's no shame in having one drawer become a storage place for miscellaneous items. However, once the drawer turns into two or three drawers, that's an issue that needs to be addressed. But there are a few items you can use to organize those junk drawers, such as using a spice rack. While spice racks are meant to hold spices, they're highly versatile and affordable. A spice rack with multiple small bottles with lids can help eliminate all the tiny random items in your drawer.

TikTok user @kaynicjournals created her own spice rack organizer and found it helped keep all of her rubber bands, paperclips, keychains, beads, etc., in one place. You can create a theme with your spice rack organizer if you do specific crafting like jewelry, and you'll have additional storage to hold all of your small supplies. For the spice rack hack, you'll need a spice rack, labels, and a marker. Amazon has a great Aruva Kitchen spice rack with 20 containers and labels included for $19.99. Plus, it comes with two cutting boards. Another incredible spice rack from Amazon is the Lazy Susan two-tier spice rack for $15.99. It doesn't come with labels, but you can create some.

Categorize your random items

An excellent alternative to purchasing a new spice rack is to use empty spice containers you have at home. If you collect them once they're finished, use them for your junk drawer items. You'll only need the labels, which you can purchase at Walmart for $2.19.

Once you find the perfect spice rack for your home, unbox your items and set them aside. Start by removing the junk drawer from its place and create piles of similar items. Categorizing your small miscellaneous things will make it easier for you to put them in the spice containers. After you have all your piles laid out and the drawer is empty, place a pile into a container. Repeat with the rest of the piles and spice containers. Finally, label all the containers with your marker and put them back into their slots. You can display your spice rack in your kitchen, office, or crafts room, wherever the items are most needed.

The spice rack hack can work for any room in the house, such as the garage or kid's room. The garage can get disorganized quickly with various screws, nails, bolts, washers, etc. when you're using them daily. However, organizing them with a spice rack is a budget-friendly way to keep them in one place; your garage will be tidier without loose screws rolling around your workstation.