The TikTok Hack That'll Create A Shoe Rack In A Closet

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Organization is key when you own a lot of belongings. Being orderly is especially important for those of us who absolutely must purchase dozens of pairs of shoes to add to our collection. There's nothing wrong with having a fashionable hobby, but making provisions to store all those shoes should definitely be a priority. That's why this TikTok hack that turns a pair of tension rods into a shoe rack by placing them horizontally between two walls in your closet is a lifesaver. If your closet is cluttered with shoes and you don't have enough money to add custom shelves, create a makeshift rack out of these cheap materials. 

Even if you're not the neatest person on the block, leaving shoes just scattered around your home doesn't look good to visitors and can have a negative impact on your general mental health. Additionally, too much clutter can be a safe haven for bugs that look for dark, cozy places to nest, and throwing your shoes in any sort of position can ruin their shape. A shoe rack will ensure that your pairs are aerated properly and maintain their integrity at a fraction of the cost.

Stretch out the rods in pairs to create makeshift shoe shelves

As demonstrated by TikTok home improvement creator @alittlebitoflife__, some tension rods can make the ideal shoe rack. These rods are incredibly affordable and cost about $3.50 each from Target. To know how many rods you'll need, line up your pairs of shoes along the length of your closet and create as many rows as you desire. The number of rows will tell you how many pairs of rods you need to buy. Once you buy your rods, lengthen them horizontally across the walls of your closet until they are firmly in place, stacking them on top of one another to create shelves. The rods from Target hold 5 pounds of weight and expand from 28 inches to 48 inches long. 

Place two rods parallel to each other, about a couple of inches shorter than your shoe size, and then use that as the rack. Make sure the one closest to the back wall of the closet is elevated by a couple of inches so that the shoes are elegantly displayed in a downward fashion. Repeat this until you have organized all of your shoes into a befitting home. For your high heels, make sure the heel is hung off the back of the higher rod while the sole lies flat against the lower rod for perfect balance. If you want to display boots on shelves, place the rods vertically between the pairs to keep them standing tall.