Lend A Hand To Your Boring IKEA Stool With An Easy Fabric Upgrade

Are you looking for a cute, stylish, and affordable side table? If so, you can easily make one with nothing more than IKEA's MAMMUT children's chair and some fabric. This chair is $17.99, meaning you can have a custom piece of furniture without spending hundreds. All you need to do is upholster the MAMMUT with your fabric of choice and you've got a budget-friendly, one-of-a-kind accent table.

If you don't want to buy new yards of fabric for this IKEA stool upgrade and are looking to upcycle an item already in your home, consider upholstering this tiny chair with an old throw you no longer use. You just need enough fabric for the chair seat and legs. Since you won't be sitting on this chair, you don't need to worry about adding any type of padding for comfort. You just want it sturdy enough to hold a few items. What makes this chair extra fun is the way its legs splay out playfully, adding a touch of whimsy to any indoor décor.

Turn an IKEA stool into a table

For this hack, TikToker @bakken.camilla uses IKEA's MAMMUT children's chair in white, assembling it without the back. This transforms it from a chair/stool to a small side table, perfect for a lamp, a clock, a smart home hub, etc. Although @bakken.camilla purchases this chair in white, you can use any color since you'll be covering it with fabric.

Just keep in mind that if you use a blanket with a loose stitch (or light colors, such as the one used in the TikTok), it'll show the chair beneath, so be mindful of what color you purchase. If you're looking for a two-tone color, then consider a blanket with a loose-knit or fine material. Otherwise, match your blanket color to your otherwise boring IKEA stool for a custom look.

All you need to do is assemble the MAMMUT chair, minus the seat's back. Next, use your chosen fabric to cover the chair — legs and all. IKEA has tons of cozy blankets to choose from, and although the exact blanket @bakken.camilla used in the video is unclear, it appears to be the SANDBRODD in off-white. You can also purchase this blanket in four other neutral colors. How you attach the throw blanket depends on your crafting skills. You can cut a piece for the bench and one piece for each leg, sewing the pieces together, or you can use fabric glue.