DIY A Stunning Garden Gate Planter With This Simple Dollar Tree Hack

If you are looking for a way to bring a little bit of spring inside this winter as many gardens are put to bed, you may be searching for a cute DIY project that can bring the outdoors in. TikTok user @olivia'sromantichome recently showed off a great hack using small ornate garden fencing and two aluminum floral buckets. By attaching the buckets to the fencing and painting it to match your decor, you can create a unique rustic wall planter to hold greenery or flowers great for indoors or out.

The result is a perfect alternative to more expensive wrought iron planters and boxes available from home or garden retailers. This garden gate planter would look perfect as part of your cottagecore aesthetic or shabby chic décor, offering an adorable spot for your choice of greenery and flowers. Even better, you can get all the supplies from the Dollar Tree for around $10 and assemble the finished wall planter in minutes.

Creating a garden gate planter

In addition to the fencing and the buckets, you will need zip ties, glue, floral foam, and artificial flowers or foliage. Prepare the fencing by trimming off any excess pieces on the side or bottom that you do not want as part of your planter. Zip tie the two lengths of fence together. Next, drill two small holes in your oval buckets for another zip tie to attach the buckets firmly to the fencing side by side. Using some hot glue, affix a block of floral foam inside each bucket, filling each bucket with a selection of faux greenery and flowers.

@oliviasromantichome paints and distresses her fence and buckets with white paint for a more rustic French country feel, but you can leave the fences unpainted for a wrought iron look. Or paint the fencing and buckets your desired color to match existing décor. You can also add some raffia or faux moss to the buckets to fill in any gaps in the foliage. To outfit the buckets to house real plants or flowers outdoors, drill several drainage holes in the bottom of the containers and fill them with potting soil.