Use TikTok's Paper Towel Roll Hack To Clean Out Your Dryer's Lint Trap

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Cleaning out your dryer's lint trap is an absolute must. As a reminder, most new dryers have an indicator light telling you to clean your lint trap after each use as a safety precaution. But regardless, you should be doing it regularly to ensure your clothes don't end up smelling. According to a genius TikTok hack, you can use the cardboard from a paper towel roll as a vacuum attachment, removing tons of old dryer lint. This incredible trick is not only fast and affordable, but it can work to prevent a fire from occurring. 

Your dryer vent works by pushing heat, lint, and moisture out of your dryer. Unfortunately, when it clogs up, it can quickly become a fire hazard. As lint accumulates within your dryer, heat can cause it to ignite, creating a dryer fire that can quickly spread to other parts of your home. Although it's recommended that a professional cleans or at least inspects your dryer vent every year, you should take other precautionary measures in the meantime. Namely, thoroughly cleaning your dryer's lint trap with this great hack.

Create a vacuum attachment from cardboard

With this paper towel roll hack, TikTok user @hometalk explains that you just need to bend the cardboard tube in half longways so that it's thin enough to fit inside your lint trap. Next, attach the cardboard tube to your vacuum's nozzle, essentially using it as an extension. Although not mentioned in the clip, you may need to secure your cardboard tube to your vacuum to avoid it getting stuck in your lint trap. Packing tape is the best kind to use on cardboard, so if you have this handy, consider using it. Either way, this trick takes only a few minutes to complete, making it ideal for regular dryer lint trap cleanings.  

As you're cleaning the inside of your vent, you should also clean the lint screen itself. First, remove your lint trap and any visible lint. Next, use hot water to rinse both sides of your lint screen. Use a brush designed for lint screens, such as this one from Amazon (or similar). You should also gently clean your lint screen with liquid detergent. Since there will be some caked-on lint, your brush should work to remove it without damaging the delicate lint screen. Just be careful not to scrub too hard. Rinse your lint screen clean with hot water once again and ensure it's completely dry before putting it back in your dryer.