Turn Your Cracked Plant Pot Into A Stunning Succulent Garden

Breaking a planter doesn't have to be the end of its life. Depending on how broken it is, you easily can turn a cracked planter into a stunning succulent garden. The key to this gardening hack is for the pot to have its base still intact. If yours does, you can take the planter's broken pieces, along with your choice of succulents, and build a new garden for indoor or outdoor display.

While really any succulents will work for this cracked-planter garden, four species that will complement each other especially well are echeveria, sedum, haworthia, and crassula. These succulents not only have similar care needs but also offer a variety of colors, textures, and shapes, making for an interesting and visually appealing group. And that's about it. Once you have your succulents selected, you pretty much have everything you need. The only other supply for this DIY planter is some well-draining soil, specially made for succulent or cactus plants.

Building a succulent garden horizontally and vertically

Repurposing a cracked planter into a new succulent garden is simple. All you need to do is plant your succulents as you normally would but also arrange them along the planter's crack. With this arrangement, once established, your succulent plants will grow both vertically and horizontally.

Begin by adding a full layer of soil to the cracked planter to create a solid foundation to place not only your succulents but the broken pot pieces, too. Strategically place the shards in your garden to create an interesting display. You can add as many of the pot pieces as you like, and if you have other cracked planters, you can add those, too. Even a half pot, planted on its side, with more succulents growing vertically out of it, can be added to such a one-of-a-kind DIY garden.

As for your succulents, those planted along the crack will need to be stacked compactly. However, the succulent plants added to the top can be spread out. Along with soil, you can also add pebbles to give your garden even more color and texture. Once everything is arranged, give the succulents a good watering, but don't overwater your plants, as succulents can develop root rot. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings and place your new cracked planter-turned-succulent garden in a spot that receives bright, indirect sunlight.