The Best Time Of Year To Start Shopping For A New Christmas Tree

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without a decked-out tree. After all, where would Santa sneakily place the presents if there's no evergreen — real or artificial — gracing the interiors? However, before you begin pulling out heirloom tree-toppers and eyeing new ornaments, garlands, and lights, it's necessary to buy a conifer that meets your requirements first. But what's the best time of year to start shopping for a new Christmas tree? Frankly, the best time of year would depend on certain factors.

For instance, if you like going to a farm to personally choose the tree you'd want to adorn come Christmas, it's best to shop as early as the weekend after Thanksgiving to have your pick of the trees. But if you'd rather buy the tree at a discounted rate than pay a premium price early on, waiting a little will help you score great deals. Alternatively, if you like investing in artificial conifers, it's best to take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.

Best time to buy a live Christmas tree

As mentioned, the weekend after Thanksgiving or the weekend after that is one of the best times to snag a live Christmas tree if you have specific requirements and like taking advantage of the plentiful inventory. You might also get a good deal if the farm you frequent is holding a special Thanksgiving sale. However, the best time for you boils down to how long you like the holiday decorations to stay up in your house.

Since most real conifers last up to four or six weeks, provided you follow the tips for keeping your Christmas tree alive, determine how long you'd like it to be fresh. For instance, if you want the decorations to last through December or early January, it'd be best to buy a tree in early December. On the other hand, if crowds are a concern, skip the weekends and shop for the conifer on a weekday.

But to maximize your savings, wait until the week before the holiday to buy a tree for almost 22% less. If that's still more than you want to pay for, shop for a real tree before Christmas Eve to enjoy the lowest available prices. The logic is simple: the closer it gets to December 25, the cheaper the trees will be. However, there's a catch. The longer you wait, the higher the chance of having to pick something from the leftover stock.

Best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree

The best time to buy a faux Christmas tree is as soon as you see something you like. This will help you proverbially kill two birds with one stone. One, you wouldn't have to worry about stocks running out due to a demand and supply imbalance. In a survey conducted by the American Christmas Tree Association, the majority, around 77%, of consumers planning on buying a tree for their home this year will go for an artificial one. Two, you'll have the luxury of comparing several trees on various sites to buy the best artificial Christmas tree.

However, if cost-saving is more your jam, order a tree during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Two weeks before December 25 or right before the holiday are good days, too, since most retailers want to clear out their leftover stock to make room for other products. Moreover, if you don't mind buying the tree early for next year, you can probably get the tree for the lowest price possible during Boxing Day clearance and January sales. All in all, aim to buy an artificial tree whenever you get a good discount on the retail price. After all, they don't have a limited lifespan.