Use TikTok's File Organizer Hack For The Loose Hangers In Your Closet

For folks with a lack of closet space, finding ideas to organize a small closet is a constant project. While finding room for clothes and shoes is often the central problem when working with a tiny or overcrowded closet, there's a sneaky element that may be taking up more space than you realize: empty hangers. Every empty hanger on the rack is about another ½ inch of space, not to mention all those hangers that end up becoming clutter on the closet floor. There are some truly genius small space storage hacks out there, but this empty hanger hack from TikTok creator @zzhilton could be a true game changer for those trying to fully maximize every bit of square footage in their closet. The trick is simple: use an empty file organizer to store your spare hangers. A vertical file organizer is a classic item for a work or study area, but it also happens to be the perfect dimensions for holding standard-sized clothes hangers. 

To follow along with this clever idea from @zzhilton, gather up all your unused hangers and stack them going in the same direction. Then, place them into the file organizer with the hooks facing outward. With the hangers positioned this way, they should neatly align with the shape of the file organizer. Tuck the organizer into a corner of the closet or on a shelf, and your hangers will be compactly out of the way while still staying available for easy use. 

DIY hanger storage

This is a clever idea for storing extra hangers, and if you have a file organizer on hand, you should go for it. However, you can also create a similar storage container with other household items. For a simple DIY project, take an empty cereal box, remove the lid, and cut out half of one of the long, narrow sides, creating the exact same shape as a file organizer. To keep things aesthetically pleasing, paint the cereal box or cover it with craft paper. Alternatively, for a short-term solution for your closet hanger woes, you can also utilize any empty shoebox. Although most shoeboxes aren't the ideal size for storing hangers, it's a helpful temporary strategy if your crowded closet is starting to overwhelm you. It's also worth noting that this storage idea is ideal for cheap, plastic hangers since there's still a risk of the hangers getting squished into the box or slightly tangled up. Your nicer wooden or fabric-covered hangers are probably best protected by keeping them on the closet rack.

Finally, if you're really struggling with making the most of a small closet, it may be time to donate some of those unused hangers. If you consistently have a large pile of empty hangers, odds are they won't all get used, so there's no reason to keep them. Whether you keep your spare hangers more organized or simply get them out of your home, you'll appreciate having the extra room in your closet.