Keep Elk From Eating Your Garden With A Surprising Food You Already Have

Elk are beautiful creatures to spot in the woods, but they're not a particularly-welcomed sight when they start eating the landscaping in your backyard. Luckily, you can deter them from wreaking havoc by using something you already have in your fridge: some raw eggs. These antlered creatures are plant eaters, so it's not surprising that they may wander into your yard to graze on everything from grass to shrubs to flower beds. However, they're rather destructive with their nibbling — they'll typically eat an entire plant down to the ground, then rip out the roots to keep snacking. If you're tired of the upheaval, employ an egg-based deterrent to keep elk out of your yard.

This is a great hack to try since most people already have eggs in their fridge. Because of this, you can jump into action right away without having to buy specialty products or sprays. It's also an all-natural deterrent, which means you don't have to use harsh chemicals that might hurt the elk, your plants, or the surrounding wildlife. Further, if you're not sure what animals are eating your plants, this hack could also be beneficial, as it works on not only elk but also a number of other pests, too.

How to create an egg-based elk deterrent

To create your anti-elk spray, all you need to do is mix some eggs in water and transfer the liquid into a spray bottle. Specifically, you can use six eggs for every 1 gallon of water. Pour the mixture into a blender to ensure it not only combines but that it will also be watery enough to mist through a spray nozzle. Once ready, go outside on a dry day and spray any plants the elk are prone to nibbling on. Also remember to spray any new plants sprouting up or else they will eat those instead. You also won't have to spray the shrubs, flowers, or trees frequently, as two to three times each season should suffice.

The reason this works is because of the smell. Since eggs are high-protein products, they will eventually spoil and emit a rotten scent. This will offend the elk's sense of smell, making your shrub or flower patch no longer seem appetizing. Because of this, the stinkier the eggs, the better. This is also what makes this hack effective for keeping bunnies out of your garden. If you tried this hack and it had a so-so success rate, you can also try leaving the eggs out in the sun for a couple of hours, allowing them to spoil and increase their rancid smell. Then add it to water, blend it, and use it as a super-potent spray.