The Cost-Effective Paper Towel Alternative TikTok Swears By

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If your kitchen is messy, you may find yourself tearing through endless streams of paper towels. Although they're certainly useful, the costs can quickly add up and eat up your budget. However, there's a surprisingly easy way to save money regarding paper towels. Simply swap them for Swedish cleaning cloths, which are usually derived from a mix of cotton and cellulose wood pulp. These reusable kitchen essentials are easily washable, and they can soak up plenty of liquid. You can grab for as little as $6.99 from Walmart, to get the job done for a fraction of the cost. However, the prices can range anywhere from the low end of the spectrum up to $44, depending on their design and quantity. With paper towels costing anywhere between $2 to $6, this swap could save you hundreds in the long term.

Not only will they save you money, but they should also do an equally impressive job. You may find the cloths particularly useful if you're deep cleaning your kitchen. Even better, and unlike paper towels, you can use them both wet and dry, making them highly versatile, meaning you'll get more bang for your buck. So, how exactly do you use this paper towel alternative? Thankfully, the process isn't too tricky and mimics a regular cloth. All you need to do is pass the cloth over any spillage, whether it's a splash of water or a spilled drink, and it should easily soak up the liquid.

How to use Swedish cleaning cloths

You can use a Swedish cleaning cloth as often as you like to clean up kitchen spills, even when it's dry. This is what makes it much more cost-effective than paper towels, which you have to throw away after each use and can only mop up a certain amount of liquid before you have to rip more off the roll. This habit could potentially cost you up to 15 times more overall, especially if you replace your paper towels monthly.  

In contrast, Swedish cleaning cloths last for several months, so you'd probably only have to replace it once per year. They work so well because of how much more liquid the material can soak up compared to paper towels — almost a full cup of spillage. As a result, you can clean more with one swipe, including several different spillages if you wish. However, you will eventually have to throw it away, so it's still something to keep in mind. Thankfully, you can compost them, so you don't have to worry about creating excess waste from throwing it in the trash.    

You can purchase a pack of 10 multi-colored cloths for $7.99 on Amazon, or you could also opt for some cute Llama-themed ones from Esty for $12.95. If you feel as though it needs cleaning (which could be every few days), place them in your washing machine at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, or the top rack of your dishwasher and let them work their magic.