Grab This Handy Bathroom Staple To Remove Stubborn Grease Stains From Your Kitchen Tile

For a second, let's appreciate how kitchen tiles brave virtually everything in our home's heart. From cooking splashes and high temperatures to the constant parade of feet trampling across them each day. Yet, amidst all this valor, villains like grease stains lie in wait, ready to rob your kitchen tiles of their beauty while still brooding a microbial haven. And let's admit it: We've all had bouts of futile scrubbing when trying to outwit stains. Surprisingly, your solution to grease stains on kitchen tiles isn't among your collection of conventional household cleaners but in your bathroom. Enter toothpaste.

Far from safeguarding your smile, that unassuming tube of toothpaste on your bathroom counter can transform into an effective tool against grease stains' tyranny on your kitchen tiles. Wondering how this cleaning hack works? Well, toothpaste is inherently abrasive, packing tiny particles designed to scrub away plaque and discoloration from our teeth. With equal tenacity, these particles wage war on grease stains, capitalizing on friction. Thanks to this genius use of toothpaste in your home, you can maintain your tile's spotlessness without wreaking havoc on your wallet or causing excessive wear. You'll also be happy to learn that the dental champion is safe for ceramic or porcelain tiles. However, don't let it loose on marble or limestone surfaces — these are a bit sensitive due to their porous nature.

Using toothpaste on kitchen tile grease stains

With everyday supplies like a cloth or rug; water; an old toothbrush; and an MVP ingredient, plain white toothpaste, you're ready to challenge stubborn grease stains on your kitchen tiles. Why not gel or whitening toothpaste, you ask? These contain color and other ingredients that could potentially mar the kitchen tiles' finish. Start the operation by applying a thin coat of white toothpaste onto the greasy kitchen tile and grout using the cloth. Yes, you read that right, a cloth. Using a cloth to apply the paste instead of direct application will allow for a controlled and even distribution, saving you from over-deployment of toothpaste and unwanted militant scrubbing.

Allow the coat of stain-zapping, shine-inducing toothpaste to stand for a solid five minutes on those unruly tile stains. Then, using your old toothbrush, gently scrub the treated area. Infuse extra vigor into those problematic, deep-set stains, reloading your toothbrush with extra toothpaste when necessary. Once the toothpaste has tackled those stubborn grease stains, it's time to perform a clean sweep. Imagine the fizz of a grand champagne opening. Only this time, it's you with a soapy-water-moistened cloth, cleaning off the toothpaste residue to reveal a dazzling tiled surface. Thinking of other household alternatives for the battle against grease stains on kitchen tiles? Separately, baking soda and white vinegar are worthy contenders. However, remember to always start with a patch test when introducing a new cleaning hack or product on your kitchen tiles.