The Brilliant Hack That'll Save You From Shoveling Your Snowy Driveway

Shoveling snow isn't exactly easy and requires quite a bit of time, graft, and effort. Hence you might be interested in a hack from TikTok's @ogtrl, which seemingly makes getting snow off your driveway surprisingly quick and easy. One person responded by confirming that this is, indeed, something that can work, noting, "[I've] been do[ing] that for years."

If you already have a tarp around to protect your deck during the winter, then you may want to grab another to help you with the snow. FYI: It's best to take advantage of this hack before the snow falls. Unfold your tarp so that it's at its full length and width. Then, slide it over your driveway until it's covered from side to side and end to end if possible. Of course, you'll need to make sure that the tarp doesn't blow away so grab a few rocks, bricks, or anything else with a bit of weight to it and place one on each corner and along the edges too if necessary. 

The next time it snows, it will build up on top of the tarp. Once the flakes have stopped falling, remove the weights before pulling the tarp away. The snow should come with it and your driveway will be left clear without you having to shovel. However, it's worth noting that this trick isn't necessarily as simple or foolproof as it seems on the surface.

Use the right tarp to protect your driveway from snow

If you live in a part of the country that tends to get a considerable amount of snow in the winter — as in, a few feet at a time — then you're probably rolling your eyes at the idea of trying out this hack in your driveway. Simply put, this will only work in certain circumstances, such as when just a few inches of light snow have fallen overnight. If more comes down or things start to get icy, then several issues could crop up. Indeed, one doubtful person on TikTok responded to the video by arguing, "Doesn't work if it actually snows more than an inch. [You] wouldn't even be able to move the tarp. Must not be from Chicago."

There were similar comments from New Yorkers too, with one quipping, "You'll need a[n] 18-wheeler to pull it off." You might also find that thinner tarps rip when used to carry the weight of the snow. That's why this trick requires something heftier and more water-resistant, like the Everbilt 10 ft. x 12 ft. Brown/Silver Heavy Duty Tarp, from Home Depot, which costs $34.98. 

Or those that are slightly bigger, such as the 16 ft. x 20 ft. version, which retails for $68.78, and the $119 option that stretches a whopping 20 ft. x 30 ft. and can cover an impressive 192 sq. ft. Both would certainly come in handy for bigger, snowier driveways. But regardless, bear in mind it's going to be heavy, so you might need some assistance to clear the tarp away quickly.