Don't Forget To Clean This Part Of Your Sink To Eliminate That Stench In Your Bathroom

One moment, you're merrily brushing your teeth; the next, you sniff something funny. How could this be? Diligently deep cleaning your bathroom, including the sink and the toilet bowl, has been your topmost priority in maintaining a hygienic environment. And yet, the bathroom stinks and no amount of room spray can put you out of your misery. Chances are you've been skipping your sink's overflow hole during your cleaning routine — perhaps because it's so little used — and now it's got a major gunk build-up that has begun to reek.

Mostly found right under the faucet or near the top of the outward-facing side of the basin, an overflow hole is a tiny opening that prevents your bathroom from flooding with water in case you unintentionally leave the tap running and your drain is slow to work. Moreover, it boosts your drain's functionality by introducing air to the pipe, neutralizing the suction effect to increase the speed of water flow. So, keeping this area clean is an absolute necessity to counteract any clogging and foul smells.

Reasons why the bathroom overflow hole stinks

Your bathroom sink has seen its fair share of falling hair clumps, toothpaste, shaving cream, and your precious makeup. To boot, it handles dirt, grime, and soap scum on a regular basis. So, it's no wonder that despite your best efforts, the muck congregates in the overflow hole, turning into a breeding ground for bacteria. Because it's so ignored, the goo dries up while the bacteria happily laps it up, releasing that awful odor over time.

Further, owing to the sink's design, the pipe connecting your overflow hole to the main drain may still hold water. As the pipe is rarely flushed down — if you aren't cleaning it and, hopefully, the water hasn't overflowed yet — mold and mildew develop, given their penchant for damp areas. To no one's surprise, they establish their colonies inside the overflow hole and the connecting pipe, giving off an abhorrent odor as they decay.

How to clean the bathroom overflow hole

Now that you know what's causing your bathroom to smell nasty, it's time to put on your rubber cleaning gloves and get down to business. First, get the basic cleaning in order by removing all the built-up debris from the overflow hole. To do this, use a brush or pipe cleaner to loosen and remove all the gunk layers. Ensure the brush reaches all areas by moving it in a circular motion. After cleaning, pour between 2 and 3 quarts of boiling water into the hole using a heat-resistant funnel, such as one made of silicone.

Next, to get rid of the rancid stench, funnel a cup of baking soda into the overflow hole followed by a cup of vinegar. Allow the mix to fizz up so it can neutralize all bad odors. After 15 minutes, expel the goo by pouring around 2 quarts of boiling water into the opening. Repeat this process until the smell is completely gone.