Protect Your Garden Plants With This Ingenious Dollar Tree Waste Basket Hack

There is nothing worse than taking good care of your young plants and seeing them begin to thrive, only to watch as they get eaten by pests in your garden. Animals such as rabbits, squirrels, and deer can graze on your plants as midnight snacks. However, a TikTok hack using wire baskets from Dollar Tree will keep your plants safe without breaking the bank.

It's easy to recognize when an animal is eating plants if you wake up to leaves that look like they have been chewed on. You may find bite marks on the leaves or the leaves eaten away. Rabbits and deer chew on the top part of the plants and consume the leaves. In fact, you may see only roots left when they are finished.

However, that's not the only way to identify animals eating your plants. Rats happily chomp away at night, too, but their meal preferences are a little bit different. Rats prefer to chew at the roots. So, if you notice bites in your roots, it may be rats, but it could also be mice or gophers.

Cover your plants with wire baskets

Yet, no matter which animal is grazing on your plants at night, you can protect them with one clever hack. All you need to do is buy wire waste baskets and place them over the top of your plants. That will protect animals from being able to reach the tender leaves and roots of your plants. For extra protection, use garden staples or landscape staples to keep the baskets embedded in the soil.

Measure your plants to make sure they can fill under without being crushed. Most wire baskets measure about 10-12 inches, though there are smaller baskets, too. You'll also want to make sure that the circumference of your plants does not exceed the width of the basket. It's best to measure your plants first and then bring a tape measure to the store to make sure the baskets will comfortably fit.

In addition, the wire baskets are not only creative but affordable. They can be found in your local Dollar Tree or at its online store. They cost just $1.25 each and begin in packs of 36, which run $45. They are available in larger quantities and range up to packs up to 288 baskets. If you need less than 36, it's more cost-effective to take a trip to your local store and pick up what you need instead.