DIY An Adorable Bird Feeder Bench To Attract More Flying Friends To Your Yard

Birds can be some of the most welcome visitors in your yard if you treat them right by offering abundant food, water, ample flora, and perching spots.TikTok user @saddlebacklsp shared a great  DIY for an adorable and whimsical bird feed involving basic supplies and easy assembly that makes a perfectly functional and endlessly charming stop for neighborhood-winged wildlife. Using a few bits of scrapwood and other wood accents widely available or upcycled, you can create a cute bird feeder that looks just like a tiny wooden porch or garden swing.

While there are several tutorials for this cute project using different elements with the same basic design, all can be accomplished for well under $10, making this fun DIY a great alternative to similar bird feeders available from retailers for much more. In addition, it's a great way to use up scrap wood to the benefit of the natural world around us. These feeders make a fun project for both adults and children since they involve minimal construction and readily available materials. They can be completely customized to match existing outdoor aesthetics with paint or wood stain. You can also handprint them with flowers, words, or other decorations for an even more whimsical feel.

Creating a bench birdfeeder

@saddlebacklsp's tutorial uses a wooden tray and some small mini palettes from Dollar Tree that are already a finished framework for the bird feeder. Using some jute or cotton twine, also available from Dollar Tree, wrap a length repeatedly around the handles of the tray. This will provide both decoration and a hanger for you to hang your finished feeder from a tree or porch. One of the palettes placed in the interior bottom of the tray allows an elevated surface that will prevent the bird seed from getting moldy due to moisture. A second pallet forms the back, which wedges firmly between the edge of the horizontal palette and the side of the tray. You can also use wood glue to provide more stability. Fill the bottom with birdseed and hang wherever you would like it. 

Another way to create this DIY project is that you can build your framework from scratch out of popsicle sticks and scrapwood pieces. Form two rectangles with wood glue and scrap pieces, then attach them together to form the bench framework. Using popsicle sticks trimmed to size for the backrest of the bench. Attach a mesh or screen as the base for holding the birdseed stapled to the bottom of the frame, then create two L-shaped pieces that serve as arms with additional sticks. Finish with stain or paint, making sure to add a final polyurethane or polyacrylic coat if you plan to hang the feeder out in the elements.