Give Your Medicine Cabinet New Life With This Genius Tile Renovation

A medicine cabinet is obviously designed to hold medicine and similar items, but you can put pretty much anything you want in it as long as it fits behind the closed door. What people don't typically add inside a medicine cabinet are decorative items, but what if you have a cute little faux plant or vase that you want to show off? Or, what if you simply want easy access to the items on the shelves without having to constantly open and close a door? Tiktoker @leslie.schaub provided a way to transform your medicine cabinet by removing the door, adding a frame, and sticking decorative tile to the back wall.

This genius tile renovation makes your former medicine cabinet the perfect space for all the items you want to be exposed in your bathroom and for those ornamental items. It also gives it a unique, personalized touch with plenty of customization options. And, of course, since you can purchase the supplies from multiple stores, you'll have a variety of price options as well. 

However, if you have some items you don't want to be exposed with the renovation, you can always move them to a drawer, store them under the sink, or buy a two-tired under-sink storage unit.

How to perform the renovation

The first step of the renovation is to remove the screws from the medicine cabinet. Then, use a box cutter to remove it from the wall. Have someone hold the cabinet as you cut around it since it may fall out quickly, as seen in the video. Next, apply thinset mortar against the wall in the cabinet opening and press your tiles on the mortar. After you've placed all the tiles, apply more mortar over the entire tile surface to fill in the gaps, and wipe away the excess with a cloth. When the mortar dries, install your shelves. For the final step, install a frame around the space.

This renovation offers various customization options to match your taste — and your bathroom. The TikToker uses translucent glass tile, but you can use porcelain, ceramic, or stone tile in different shapes and sizes if you'd like. Just keep in mind that you'll likely have to cut some to fit. You can buy the shelves from Amazon or make them yourself like the TikToker did. The same applies to the frame, but you can mirror the TikToker's approach by buying an unfinished wood frame and painting it yourself.

Expect to spend roughly $100 on supplies. However, the total price can be more or less than that, depending on where you shop and what styles you choose. All supplies can be purchased from Amazon or home improvement stores like Lowes and The Home Depot.