Bid Farewell To Brown Recluse Spiders With Two Items From Your Kitchen

The thought of any spider infestation in your home is an unwelcome one, but the presence of brown recluse spiders is particularly worrying. With highly toxic, necrotic venom (meaning it kills living tissue in its localized area), the brown recluse spider's bite can, in some cases, lead to organ failure and death. Thankfully, a bite usually contains so little venom that most people only suffer skin rashes or blisters, but it's best not to chance a bite at all by getting rid of these arachnids as soon as you spot them. Doing so is surprisingly easy and inexpensive, too. It's possible with only some apple cider vinegar and dish soap from your kitchen.

The brown recluse spider is native to 16 states in the continental U.S., including from Texas, North to Southeastern Nebraska and Southern Iowa, East across Southern Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, down through most of Kentucky, Tennessee, Northwest Georgia, and the very western tip of the Florida panhandle. If you live in any of these areas -– or transport cargo in old boxes or wooden crates from these states -– you may come in contact with a brown recluse, and you should eradicate them if they're found in your home.

Making a simple spray to banish brown recluse spiders

To make an apple cider vinegar and soap spray, measure equal parts apple cider vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Then, add a few drops of dish soap for every cup, mixing well. Spray this anywhere you see brown recluse spiders and sweep away any webs. Be sure to wear long sleeves, pants, and headgear to keep any from falling on you — or coming into contact with your skin. If you are bitten, seek medical help immediately to minimize the effects.

Brown recluse spiders don't like the pungent odor of apple cider vinegar, so they will stay away from it. By spraying a mixture of it around the entryways of your home or in the dark, crowded storage spaces spiders are likely to inhabit, you can keep them from taking up residence there. More importantly, the acetic acid present in the vinegar can kill them if sprayed directly on them. In addition, the dish soap will help the solution stick to surfaces and keep the spiders from escaping to suffocate them. Spray the mix every other day to both rid your house of the venomous pests and keep them from coming back.