This DIY Macrame Bird Feeder Is The Perfect Addition To Your Backyard

Bird feeders are a great addition to any garden and can help you create a thriving space. However, you can take it one step further by creating your own DIY macrame bird feeder, as shown by @yourstrulymaryanne on TikTok. Like this, you can craft your very own unique DIY that not only looks beautiful but also works incredibly well. It also shouldn't cost you too much money. For example, you can upcycle any old tins you have for the feeder part (providing that they're clean), or you can purchase one from Etsy for as little as $1.85. However, upcycling would be a cheaper option. 

If you're looking to attract more birds into your garden, then this is a very effective way to do so. As a result of using it, you should begin to notice a difference in the amount of wildlife that you see. Likewise, you can also add your own flair to the design if you wish, for example, choosing your own string and color of tin. You could even use a small wooden tray or dish in its place, and mix and match string colors to create a rainbow effect. In order to craft this macrame bird feeder for yourself, you'll need macrame string, which you can purchase from Etsy for just $4.50 in various colors, scissors, a ruler, a ring loop, and a small tin that's not too deep. This is because the birds will need to be able to access the food.

Choose your string and tin

For this DIY bird feeder, all you need to do is slice off six pieces of string — with two of those six being 10 inches long — which you will use to connect everything. Feed one of the longer pieces through the ring to the other side and "loopty-loop" it around the ring and other pieces of string to secure it in place. For the rest of the strings, simply split them into pairs and create four knots for each pair down each one. Now, you just need to decide where you want your tin to sit and create a knot to hold it in place with your last 10-inch piece. Your feeder should easily slip right in. You can test it by hanging it somewhere, like the branch of a tree (one which is secure) or on a bird feeding pole. As a result, you should be left with a stunning bird feeder that helps to attract more birds into your yard.

Of course, ensure you hang it in a place where it won't get tangled up, and where it is easily accessible for birds. Likewise, you should also keep in mind that the string may eventually need replacing. They are the most essential part of the hack and are what brings everything together, holding the tin of bird feed in place. DIYing helps to make it a cheaper alternative to most other bird feeders.