This Nifty Pool Noodle Hack Makes Flower Arranging A Piece Of Cake

Let's face it, creating a faux flower bouquet can get expensive. Of course, there's the steep cost of the silk or dried flowers and the vase or other container, but those materials can be reused as you want to try new things or change up your decor with the seasons. What often can't be reused, however, is the floral foam that keeps the stems standing tall. If your floral foam was used in a live arrangement, it may contain plant debris or could have been soaked and should not be reused. While floral foam isn't extremely expensive, those who make lots of bouquets know that the cost can add up fast. Instead, try creating a flower arrangement with pieces of an inexpensive pool noodle. To complete this hack, simply cut up the pool noodle, place it in the bottom of your vase or container, and stick your faux flower stems into the material. Start using pool noodles in your fakeĀ floral arrangements and you may never want or need to buy floral foam again.

Thrift stores are great places to find old floral arrangementsĀ in wreaths, vases, or centerpieces. The flowers may still be in great shape, but the floral foam holding them together could be covered in small holes or damaged. Using a pool noodle, you can repurpose those faux flowers into a beautiful new arrangement of virtually any size and chuck that old foam in the trash.

Making floral arrangements with pool noodles

If you want to try your hand at making a beautiful silk or dried flower arrangement using a pool noodle, you'll need to gather the flora you want to use as well as a container to house everything. You may also need pliers to shorten the wire stems of the flowers. Cut the pool noodle to fit your container using kitchen shears, a bread knife, or something similar. Pool noodles can be cut vertically or horizontally and through the middle or at angles, so be creative when filling the space. Then simply take your silk flowers and greenery and slide their wired stems into the noodle's foam until you've achieved your vision. It's really just that easy.

Obviously, the container you use needs to be opaque so the pool noodle isn't visible, but virtually any size container can work. Cut off small pieces of the noodle and use tiny silk flowers to create beautiful mini place settings in bud vases, or wedge the bulk of the noodle into the neck of a large standing vase for a stunning entryway display. The stems on long flora can help anchor the noodle in place so it doesn't budge. Additionally, as long as you cover the noodle entirely, you don't even need a container at all. Instead, you could create a freestanding bundle of flowers to add charming decor to your mantel or dining room table.