The Essential Oil Spiders Can't Stand But You'll Love

Spiders might be beneficial, but that doesn't make them feel any more welcome in our homes. If you have seen an uptick of webs and these eight-legged pests, you can use a pleasant-smelling essential oil to deter them from the vicinity. All you need to do is release rose essential oil into the air, and you should see fewer spiders in your house in no time. Most people love the scent of roses in their homes, so it's one of the more pleasant spider-deterring hacks to try.

This is a great method to utilize because it doesn't kill the spiders; it just repels them. This is important because they're very essential to our ecosystem. After all, they're a natural way to keep other annoying pests under control — like cockroaches and stink bugs. You want spiders to patrol outside your house to catch these troublesome bugs before they make their way inside, but you don't necessarily want them shacking up with you. Because of this, repelling them with rose oil is best. Here is how to use this classic scent to keep your house arachnid-free. 

How to use rose essential oil to deter spiders

If spiders are drawn to your home, use rose essential oil to knock them back. There are a couple of ways you can create your sweet-smelling spider repellent. The first is to create a spray. Fill a spray bottle with warm water, add 20 drops of rose essential oil, and shake it well to mix the two ingredients. Then, spray the concoction on spider webs or where you see the most spider activity. The scent will envelop their environment, and they will go running to find a new space that is less hostile to live and hunt in. 

The second is to utilize the cotton ball method. Add five cotton balls to a small bowl with about 10 drops of rose essential oil to each ball. Once saturated, place the bowl where you usually see spiders, like behind furniture or corners. The scent will continue to waft from the balls all week long, deterring them from coming back. This hack works on spiders because they have a heightened sense of smell. Not only that but their scent (and taste) glands are on their legs, so walking through a heavily perfumed area will overwhelm them. This will have them moving outdoors.