TikTok Shows Us A Way To Make Our Blind Kitchen Cabinets More User-Friendly

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While kitchen cupboards are great for storing things, they can become messy quickly if you have many items rammed in there. If sifting through endless junk sounds all too familiar, you may want to try using TikTok's angled kitchen cabinet hack by @dv_kitchens.and.baths, who introduces us to the world of blind corner cabinet organizers. Rather than knocking over and removing a load of items from your drawers every time you use them, you can find any item you want with ease. Not only do these products save time, but they're also much less hassle on your behalf. This is also great if you want extra storage space in a small kitchen, as you can maximize your cupboard space.

Even better, blind corner cabinet organizers are a great solution if you want to store multiple different categories of items in one drawer. For example, you may want to separate your canned from large utensils or organize jars of food into different sections. it's perfect if you often find yourself getting disorganized and struggling to find anything. If this sounds like you, you may be considering how you can update your kitchen with such a storage solution. So, just how do you use them? As it turns out, it's surprisingly simple.

Slot your items into each drawer section

For this storage hack, you'll first need to find yourself an angled cabinet organizer. There are plenty of different options available; however, the Treliamd Blind Corner Cabinet Organizer for $239.99 on Amazon will give you plenty of space, while the swing left corner cabinets from Home Depot are slightly pricier at $249.99 with only two trays. Both products will help you maximize and optimize your storage space to stay organized. They are also easy to pull out. 

While it's much cheaper to install it yourself, you may find it challenging if you've never done so before or don't have much experience. If you do install it yourself, you'll need items such as a drill, screws, and some measuring tools, such as a ruler or level. You should find the rest in the instructions specific to your particular purchase. To professionally install the product, it could set you back anywhere upwards of $300 — quite a substantial amount.

If you have a bit of extra cash to splash, you could also consider replacing your corner cabinets with angled drawers. This will allow for extra room if you want to organize things into sections (depending on how many drawers you have). For example, you could use each drawer for something different, like pans, baking trays, and spicies. This will all come down to your personal preferences and how you use your kitchen. Either way, everything will now be within reach.