The Creative Hack To Cover Up Your Ugly Air Return Vent

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Modern technology gives us lots of comforts in our home, not the least of which are heating and cooling systems. During cold winters and hot summers, your HVAC system can be your best friend — but when it comes to interior design, air vents leave a lot to be desired. A standard vent can feel a little bland and even overly industrial, depending on your taste. And since the vent serves a practical purpose, you can't remove it or block it with furniture. But as permanent as that ugly air return vent might feel, there's actually a quick way to freshen up a room by improving the appearance. Instead of investing money in an entirely new vent, try attaching a magnetic decorative cover over the surface.

As shared on TikTok by @reventcovers, magnetic covers are an easy and stylish method for revamping a regular air return vent. The magnetic backing allows for easy, stress-free installation that won't affect the vent itself, and you can find covers in all kinds of aesthetically-pleasing designs. The video shows a set of four covers that fit together to cover the entire vent, but you can also shop around for a larger piece if you prefer to have a cohesive look. And don't worry, decorative covers should be totally safe for most HVAC systems — if you have any concerns about whether this decoration would work in your home, consult an HVAC professional before purchasing.

Decorative vent covers

Getting a new cover for your air vent is an easy decorating idea to transform an entire room, and using magnetic covers makes it a super quick and convenient project — you'll simply place them onto the surface. If you decide to get a decorative cover, be sure to buy a product specifically made for vents, as another kind of panel may block the airflow and cause issues with your HVAC system. As long as you get the proper type, the only maintenance concern you should have is occasionally removing them for dusting.

TikToker @reventcovers shares one of their own magnetic covers in the video, which can be purchased from their Etsy shop ReVent Covers and can be customized by size and design. However, there are lots of other options on the market. For instance, the Etsy shop Stellar Air Vents has a wide selection of covers, like a geometric design that would be perfect for an Art Deco-inspired room. These vents are made from natural wood and therefore have a high price point, with most of the items in the shop starting at around $80. For a more budget-friendly option, check out those from SABA Home Decor on Amazon. These covers cost around $26 and use a self-adhesive instead of magnets, which may make the vent harder to dust. Most covers come in either white or a natural wood finish, but you can always paint them any color you wish to better match your style.