Quick Ways To Freshen Up A Room (From Ice Rug Hacks To Changing Your Light Bulbs)

Considering how much time most people spend in their bedrooms, it's no surprise that it can feel dull after a while. Cleaning things up always helps, but sometimes your bedroom really needs a refresh. Most people simply don't have the time or budget to do a whole room redesign, and it's not practical to transform the entire space every time it starts to feel old. But what is the average person supposed to do to truly refresh their bedroom without putting a ton of time, energy, or money into the effort?

That's where home hacks and re-ordering come into play. There are so many little things you can do in a short amount of time to make your bedroom feel lively again. From straightening out curled rug corners with ice to adding a few unexpected decorative choices, there is something for everyone to make their bedroom feel like a breath of fresh air. Get ready to embrace a revitalized space that will feel even more like home than before.

Straighten curled edges with ice

It's almost inevitable that as your rug ages, the edges will begin to curl. While there are many ways to delay and prevent this, such as putting down rug grips at the corners to keep them anchored more firmly to the ground, it can be a pain to deal with once it's happened. No one wants to sit around for hours attempting to steam out the curls, but the slight defect makes the rug look its age no matter how well you've kept it cleaned. Plus, it tends to make the room as a whole look just a bit less put together. 

Luckily, TikTok has a viral hack proven to work rather well. The ice cube rug hack is pretty much what it says on the tin; you simply put a few ice cubs on the curled corners of your rug and let them melt. Afterward, those wayward corners should be laying flat again. This one is great if you want to dump the ice down and run some errands, freeing you from staying in the house. However, if you're in a hurry to see if it works, you can use a hair dryer to quickly melt the ice. Your rug will look as good as new and help make your room feel that much refreshed. 

Dust your room to make it less dingy

One cleaning task many are guilty of overlooking is dusting. You may have put everything away in your room, vacuumed, mopped, and washed your sheets, and it still feels dingy for some reason. This is usually because there's dust lingering in the corner of your eye; not quite catching your attention, but telling your subconscious that the room just isn't clean yet. For a truly clean and fresh room, you need to take a rag, duster, or towel to your baseboards, crown molding, fans, shelves, and blinds; all areas that often get overlooked and tend to collect a ton of dust.

Try out one area at a time to see the difference whenever you can grab a spare moment. Remember to wear a mask while dusting if you have allergies or other health concerns. You will likely begin to notice other areas that accumulate dust that may have previously escaped your eye. Your headboard, light switch and power outlet cover plates, and the tops of picture frames are other areas dust tends to linger, so if you want to go that extra mile, check those spots out as well. With the dust gone, you'll be amazed by just how revived your room looks and feels. 

Brighten up the room

Letting in natural light can really transform any room, but this especially goes for the bedroom, where you may have left the curtains closed for months on end so that the sun or city lights don't bother you when you're trying to sleep. To refresh your bedroom, it's time to let the sunshine in. If you have sheer curtains hiding behind some heavier ones, it's time to let them shine. If not, try tying back your curtains. If you don't already have curtain hooks or sliding curtains on your curtain rod, you may need something to pull them back.

You can use string, hair scrunchies, ribbon, or even decorative shoe laces to carefully tie your curtains to the side. This new look will greatly complement the added light in the room. Sunlight kills all sorts of germs and pests like silverfish, so letting as much as you can into your room every now and then has benefits beyond just livening up the place. If you have mirrors, sun catchers, or crystals, make sure they're not placed in a way that could reflect light and burn your belongings before leaving the curtains in your home open. 

Centralize your knick-knacks

As knick-knacks add up in your home, you may find them spread out randomly across your bedroom, taking up a lot of room. There are probably a few scattered over the desk, some on the nightstand by your alarm clock, a hand full on the dresser; the list goes on. A great way to freshen up your bedroom is to pull all your knick-knacks into a central location to create a décor staple. Move your little decorations to a display area to form a cohesive unit, like on a slim table, floating shelf, or on top of another flat surface. This trick is great for figurines, models, sea shells, rocks, geodes, crystals, and other small collectibles.

You can also pull together elements you're not sure what to do with. If you don't have enough books to justify a bookshelf, for example, this is a great place to put them. Souvenirs from travel that you don't want to put into storage can go into the mix. Centralizing them to one spot makes your room look less cluttered and more organized, making it feel more refreshed.

Frame your posters

If you have a host of posters tacked up on your walls, consider putting them in frames to upgrade your room. You can find inexpensive frames to put posters, prints, and even postcards in. Even better, they can turn regular items into art. For example, flyers, plane tickets, cards, and pressed flowers all add charm, personality, and a unique look to a bedroom, but all these objects are upgraded by adding a frame. 

They can also help make random decor look like it's part of a theme. A simple black, white, or gold frame around each piece can make them feel like a set rather than a random collection taped to the wall. 

Matching frames work well, but you can also try thematic frames for variety. You can try to find all vintage frames, all wood, metal, or baroque themes for a cohesive style that still manages to be unique from picture to picture. All your art will look completely new with the perfect frame, so try this trick to renew your room. 

Add new greenery to create a new vibe

If you have plants throughout the house but none in the bedroom, it may be time to move some of the greenery around. Plants are a great way to add a pop of color to your room, and they help give the room a more lively feel. Even if you don't have real plants, even a plastic or paper plant can boost the room's mood. They also mix well with all aesthetics without detracting from the room's style, making them a no-fuss addition. If you don't have a lot of floor space, don't worry; you can put plants on your windowsill, put them on desks or nightstands, or suspend them from the ceiling and walls. 

Having plants in the bedroom isn't just good for the space's look, either; it has health benefits. Hortology says that having plants in the bedroom helps with sleep, air quality, and state of mind. If you're adding new plants to the mix and have pets, make sure they're non-toxic to whatever animals you may have in the house. 

Declutter your surfaces

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to freshen up a bedroom is to declutter. This certainly doesn't have to mean throwing anything away, though there's nothing wrong with getting rid of objects you no longer want to have in your space. A perfect tactic for decluttering is to organize your desk, vanity, the top of your dresser, and any other surfaces that seem to have gathered a lot of things. For example, a pile of letters may need to stick around, but having it clumped on your desk may make the room feel unorganized. 

If you struggle with organizing these things, acrylic organizers are a huge help. There are many desk-top acrylic boxes and drawers, but you can also find them in the kitchen section or bathroom aisle in all shapes and sizes. For example, you can buy a clear skincare organizer for your vanity or a bigger fridge organizer to store your notebooks and mail. Nicely organizing your things can really bring a sense of balance and clarity to your bedroom, and in the long run, may help with focus and staying tidy.

Change out your light bulbs

If your bedroom continues to feel off no matter what you do, it could be an issue with your lighting. Have you taken a look at your lightbulbs lately? Cool and warm light might not seem like they matter very much when you're in the lightbulb aisle at your local hardware store, but it can make a world of difference. In fact, cool light in the bedroom can actually throw off your circadian rhythm, according to Natale Builders. You should have warmer light in your bedroom, especially in the case of your lamps. Warm light will fall on the 1,000 to 4,000 K scale, so take that into account when swapping bulbs out.

You may also just not have enough light in your room to begin with. If you feel like your room becomes a dark, dreary cave the moment the sun goes down, pull a lamp from another room and relocate it to your bedroom to see if it makes a difference. Lamps help refresh a space, so don't be afraid to pull in more than one. 

Refresh your bed

If you're the type to make your bed, bravo! That's one step to making your bedroom look and feel wonderful. However, there's a way to actually make your bed look a little more refreshed beyond your regular routine of pulling the sheets and covers up to the headboard. First, pull all of the bedding to the top of the bed, just as you might usually; no fancy folding or tucking is required. Next, you'll want to arrange your pillows. The thickest and largest should be propped up at the back, and get smaller as you layer them toward the front, just like you might see in a hotel bed. Then, tri-fold a blanket, duvet cover, or other bedding at the base of your bed to give it that extra dimension. That means you fold it over three times to create a long rectangle, which decorates the end of the bed.

If it still looks a little flat, try fluffing your pillows and blankets, or adding a second duvet to make it appear big and fluffy. Altogether, this should make your bed look warm and inviting and will instantly refresh your space.

Introduce a pleasant scent

Are your diffusers empty, or are your candles guttered out? Then it's time to replace them. The way we perceive our surroundings certainly isn't limited to sight alone, so adding something to satisfy your sense of smell can greatly elevate a room's vibe. Oil diffusers — both the kind that you may see with mist and oils, as well as the jar-and-wooden method — are a great place to start, as you can directly choose what sort of scent combos you're putting out into the air. You can also use candles, though you should be certain never to leave a burning candle unattended. Any other air freshener can work, too. However, be cautious of artificial scents if you have allergies or sensitive skin. 

You can also use your common household laundry scent beads as an air freshener that will leave your bedroom smelling light and fresh. Just fill a jar with the beads, poke some holes in the lid, and set it out in a warm or sunny spot to get those beads working, And voila! You just made your very own DIY air freshener. 

Move things back to the closet

It can be easy to forget to put things back in your closet once they're out, especially when it's convenient to grab your jacket off the chair or to have your boots kicked off at the door. In the long run, however, it's just shy of a mess to have so many things out of place, and these extra items are taking up space that could otherwise be open to balance out your room. Look around for extra coats, shoes, jackets, and other items that never made it back home and put them back in the closet to freshen up the room.

While you're at it, look around and see if there are other things cluttering your space that could be moved to the closet. For example, maybe your box of paperwork or homework will look better hidden behind closed doors. Even if you use it often, moving it to the closet can save you a lot of space and leave your room looking well put together. 

Add some throw pillows

If you have throw pillows that aren't being used, you should bring them into the bedroom. More throw pillows on your bed add variety and color to your room, making your bed feel less bare. and if there are too many on the bed, there are certainly other areas that they can go to. If you have chairs in your room, that's the perfect place to start. Even a desk chair can have its look elevated by using a throw pillow. Other surfaces, like benches, window seats, and chaise lounges are all equally desirable locations to place them. They don't have to entirely match your room's theme, either, as they are small objects that add little spots of color and difference to the space without being overbearing.

The same can be said of throw blankets. It's never a bad idea to have a few extra blankets around as is, and using them as décor is both practical and chic. You can drape them over the backs of seating, on the end of a bed, or even fold them nicely to place on a surface. Either way, it will add just that bit more to your room, making it look more homely and welcoming. 

Spot clean upholstery

Is the furniture in your room showing its age? Finding time and funds to go shopping for new upholstery can be a huge hassle, but cleaning up the items you already have doesn't have to be. Spot cleaning the furnishings in your room can make the entire space feel clean, renewed, and put together. And spot cleaning can be as simple as vacuuming, steaming, soaping, and dabbing it with water. First, vacuum your upholstery so there is no hair, dust, or other debris in the way. Then, if the cleaning instructions on your piece allow for it, try steaming the stain. Once that's done, gently scrub the item with a soap and water mixture. If that doesn't do it, a gentle upholster-friendly cleaner may do the job. Let it dry, and if the stain persists, try the cycle again until it's gone. 

You can also use this trick on carpet stains, as well as on rugs. Getting rid of stains will significantly change the look of your room, making it appear cleaner and newer in general.