Keep Snow Fleas Out Of Your House With One Common Kitchen Ingredient

While snow fleas share a name with a common biting pest, these arthropods are not actually fleas. Snow fleas, also known as springtails, are sometimes mistaken for fleas because they are tiny, dark-colored bugs that can jump. While they pose no threat to pets or people and don't damage houses, they can be annoying to have around because they can reproduce quickly. Luckily, with a little vinegar, you'll be able to eliminate these minuscule jumping arthropods in your home.

Vinegar can help kill snow fleas, but if you have tons of them inside your house, you may also need to use other measures. Springtails are attracted to moisture, so fixing any leaking pipes around the house and getting rid of standing water can help prevent snow fleas from sticking around. Sealing any openings in your walls will also help keep more springtails or other insects from coming inside your house.

Getting rid of snow fleas with vinegar

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which is often strong enough to exterminate small insects. When snow fleas come into contact with vinegar, it scorches their bodies, dehydrates them, and kills them quickly, making it an easy, natural, and inexpensive form of pest control. To start, fill a spray bottle with undiluted vinegar. If the snow fleas are visible, spray the acidic liquid directly onto them. Springtails often hide in areas with more moisture, such as basements and bathrooms, so it can be beneficial to spray these spaces as well. This should help to get rid of snow fleas that you can't see and repel others. For this method to remain effective, you may need to reapply the vinegar every so often.

Because acetic acid works to kill these arthropods, it's best to use white vinegar. While apple cider vinegar typically doesn't contain more than 6% of the acid, white vinegar can have as much as 10%. Besides having a stronger acidity, white vinegar may be more effective because the lingering smell of apple cider vinegar could sometimes attract more snow fleas.

Preventing snow fleas in your home

While vinegar can help kill springtails in your home, it may not address the root of the issue. Because snow fleas love moisture, having them in your house could indicate that a pipe is leaking or that there may be standing water somewhere. By getting rid of any excess moisture, you can keep insects out of your house. If you notice that the snow fleas seem to congregate in a certain space, check that area for any plumbing issues and have leaky pipes repaired.

If you've ensured there's no standing water or broken pipes, there could be too much moisture in the air. Using a dehumidifier can make your home less appealing or uninhabitable to snow fleas. With proper home maintenance and a little vinegar, you'll be able to remove the snow fleas in your house and deter more from trying to come inside. If your natural pest repellent doesn't seem to be helping and your property is overrun with springtails, you may need to contact a professional.