No Dresser Is No Problem With This Brilliant Dollar Tree Storage Hack

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Keeping your bedroom neat and organized without having proper storage products can be a drag, especially as more and more items roll in. Don't even get us started on how costly it is to have a dresser made or to buy one, even secondhand. If you're looking for a place to throw your undies, socks, or other typical household items in, then you need this brilliant DIY storage hack that you can put together with a few Dollar Tree items. By joining together some mesh bags and hanging them in your closet, you can have a tiered organizer for all your things.

When it comes to finding ways to put away clutter, the goal for you is to organize your closet in a budget-friendly way while maximizing the room you already have. This DIY mesh bag organizer hack is the ideal candidate because you can also tailor the bags' design to your liking. Mesh bags are also pretty durable and they won't take up as much space as a whole dresser or even plastic bins.

Join the mesh bags together to store any loose items

This genius DIY Dollar Tree storage hack will literally cost you just a few dollars to put together. TikTok creator @dollartree.hacks lays out the steps to creating your new organizer in a video. You'll need just three easy items to get: a pack of mesh delicates bags, a pack of shower curtain rings, and a set of binder rings. If you don't have a Dollar Tree nearby, you can get the mesh bags, shower curtain rings, and binder rings all on Amazon for under $14 — a steal compared to how much you'd spend on a dresser.

Lay the mesh bags vertically and join them together with the binder rings using about four rings per section. Then, fit the shower rings into the holes at the top of the first mesh bag where you will hang it from in your closet. Choose a good spot to hang it, preferably at the extreme end of the dowel near the closet wall. You can now organize your small closet.

You don't even have to limit it to a closet accessory that holds just clothes and undies. You can use this organizer in your kids' playpen to keep all their toys and action figures in one place. Another alternative is using it in the pantry to store perishables like onions and garlic.