My Lottery Dream Home Highlights One Major Backyard Concern Many Buyers Have

Backyards are a common preference when purchasing a home. They are great for gardeners, DIYers, families, people who love to entertain, and the simple pleasure of being able to spend time outside whenever can't be overstated. However, people have different preferences for their backyards, with privacy being a major concern among many. One winner featured on "My Lottery Dream Home" was excited to finally have a home just for herself and her family after living in a condo. She especially appreciated the spacious backyard because it had a nice deck and was hidden from view. "[You can] sun tan out here where no one can see you," she said on "My Lottery Dream Home" via YouTube.

Privacy can impact a home's value, according to HouseCanary. The closeness of a home to other homes and the openness of its backyard can affect the price that's put on it. However, some people are completely fine with having a more open and visible outdoor space, especially when there is a beautiful view to enjoy, or they want to feel a sense of community with their neighbors. But others, like this family, don't like feeling exposed and feel more comfortable when they can maintain their privacy. Buyers have many reasons to be concerned about exposed backyards, but there are ways to make it work.

Things to consider with an exposed backyard

A second lottery winner toured a home that she immediately fell in love with, but the backyard completely opened into the backyards of the other homes just behind it. "This is why this one's $180,000 because you can come hang out, but everyone's going to see you," explained David Bromstad on "My Lottery Dream Home" via YouTube. Even though that was the only downside, it was something she wanted to talk to her girlfriend about before moving forward.

Many homebuyers see an open backyard as a negative because it raises privacy and security concerns. After all, exposed backyards can feel more vulnerable to trespassing or robbery and leave your activities out in the open for virtually anyone to observe. They also make it hard to create a tranquil atmosphere because there might be noise from neighbors or busy streets. All of this can lead to general discomfort around using the space, which can be limiting and frustrating since it's your property.

Ways to cover your backyard

If you're viewing a home as an interested buyer and the open backyard is a major concern for you, know that there are various ways to create a barrier of privacy. One option is to build a wall or fence or add fence toppers to enhance your current setup. These structures can be as simple or complex as you want, but they need to align with your needs and blend in with your home design. Another idea to create privacy in the backyard is to incorporate greenery by planting tall trees, hedges, or flowers around it. You can even double up on these, like combining a standard fence with rows of flowers. These permanent solutions are best for people who really want to maintain their privacy.

To close off a specific area, like a deck with a pergola, daybed, or lounge chairs, outdoor curtains are a simple solution. They are easy to install and can be opened or closed depending on the situation, which is helpful for those who don't want to feel completely shut off from their neighbors but want the option for privacy.