Can You Really A Use Diluted Bleach Solution To Ward Off Garden Rabbits?

Rabbits are notorious garden thieves who will munch on your fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Though diluted bleach has such a strong scent that is unpleasant to rabbits (in fact, even humans often don't want to smell it), using this common cleaner as a rabbit deterrent may not be the best option. When people use bleach to deter outdoor pests, they typically dampen washcloths, tennis balls, or other fabrics in a solution of water combined with a little bit of the cleaner. These rags are then set in areas where the pests frequent. Even though the harsh chemical may be able to keep rabbits and other pesky animals out of your yard, bleach can be harmful to the environment, as well as other wildlife, whether they live on land or in water.

Though the scent of bleach might send bunnies running, there are safer and more humane options for keeping rabbits out of your garden. Like bleach, many animals don't like the scent of vinegar. To use vinegar as a repellent, fill small jars with the natural cleaner and make holes in the lid. These containers can then be placed throughout your yard or next to plants that the rabbits have been destroying. Rubber snakes could also be put around your garden to frighten the rabbits, encouraging them to find food elsewhere.

Potential risks of using bleach as a rabbit deterrent

Rabbits have an impressive sense of smell, which is why repellents like bleach can be used to drive them off. For this method to be effective, you'd likely have to continue putting out items covered in diluted bleach to maintain the scent. If rabbits or other animals were to come into physical contact with the bleach, it could make them sick, similar to how the cleaner can be harmful to humans. Though diluted bleach contains less of the chemicals, it could still be harmful to wildlife. For those with pets, bleach poses similar risks. Dogs and cats can be harmed by touching or ingesting bleach, though the effects are less severe when it's diluted, according to PetMD.

If you're repeatedly putting fabric soaked in water and bleach directly on the ground, it could have a negative impact on the soil as well. When the chemicals leach into the dirt, they can change the pH level of the soil, making it more difficult for some of your plants to grow. As bleach loses its potency, it turns into sodium, which can also be harmful to plant life. Though this cleaner can be effective for warding off rabbits, it's not the safest option and it might be better to avoid using bleach for this purpose.