Add Festive Seasonal Wreaths To Your Kitchen Cabinets With This Damage-Free Hack

While the outdoors and spaces like foyers, living rooms, and family rooms are often the prime spots for holiday decorations, the kitchen can also be a great place to bring in a bit of holiday flair with small trees, centerpieces, garlands, and wreaths. While the cabinets of your kitchen may seem like a great place for wreaths, large or small, it can often be especially tricky to hang things there. A series of small Christmas wreaths along the kitchen cabinets is a great festive look but often leaves one at a loss on how to actually hang them securely. TikTok user @laurenjenkinsxo1 recently showed off her useful hack for hanging wreaths that only employs a length of fishing line and a piece of painter's tape. The result is an invisible and secure way of adding wreaths to your cabinetry.

Often conventional means like nails and Command hooks are not suitable for cabinets, with even sticky hooks leaving behind residue that can linger or take a bit of paint or finish off when removed. Ribbons can be pretty when hung from the top of the cabinets but can impede the opening and closing of the cabinet doors. Loosley-hung wreaths can be a bother with doors that swing open regularly, bouncing around and often coming loose, damaging the wreath. 

Hanging a wreath with fishing line

This hack works ingeniously to provide a discreet, secure, and damage-free way to hang the wreaths. The fishing line is completely invisible, allowing you to hang the small wreath at the exact height you want. A strip of painter's tape, which holds the fishing line securely at the back of the door, comes off easily when the holidays are over. Moreover, it leaves no sticky residue or damage behind. Because the method is inexpensive and easily removable, this hack also allows you to experiment with various heights to get the exact right hang. If your cabinets are clear, allow enough length of line that the painter's tape falls behind the wreath on the other side.

To start, pre-measure the length of fishing line you will need, factoring in how much will hang over the back of the door and how far down you want the wreath to hang. Then allow a bit more length to tie the line securely around the top of the wreath itself. By cutting your lengths of line in advance, it makes it easy to get a consistent height. If the wreath hangs too low, simply trim the line and restick it with tape.

Getting the perfect hang

Because kitchen cabinets get a lot of use, you may want to take some extra steps to additionally secure the wreaths and make sure they hang as desired. Using two pieces of fishing line on each side of the wreath will help stabilize it, as will adding a bit of paint-safe double-sided tape to the back of the wreath. You can also add a small fishing sinker or weight to the wreath, which will make it slightly heavier and less likely to move around so much when the doors open and close. To hang a larger wreath across two cabinet doors that you do not plan on opening regularly, you can secure the fishing line on both sides of the wreath.

For an even more festive look, you can try adding some battery-operated fairy lights to each wreath. This hack isn't limited to the holiday season, the method also works great to hang floral and greenery wreaths in any season, as well as fall foliage wreaths in the autumn. You can also use the hack for hanging other holiday accents like stockings or greeting cards from cabinet doors. Or, if you like the whimsical look of ribbons, swap out the fishing line for a length of ribbon.