The Best Tools To Use When Cutting A Pool Noodle

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Pool noodles have become a staple in our homes. They're being used more often outside of standard swimming pool play. Instead, pool noodles are a popular item DIYers reach for when they're crafting. We've also tried many pool noodle DIYs and ranked our favorites. They're accessible and affordable, always sold at Dollar Tree in various colors. With an endless amount of pool noodle hacks you can do at home, it's vital to use the correct tools to cut them to get the best use out of them. Pool noodles are made from polyethylene, a foam material that doesn't react to water. They have a sturdy structure, making them tricky to cut. Most first-timers using pool noodles for a project will use scissors to cut through the foam, which leads to an uneven cut. Avoid using scissors; instead, use a serrated or utility knife to make straight, deep cuts without trouble.

However, while getting a clean-cut is ideal, you also want them to be even instead of crooked. Using a miter box when cutting pool noodles is helpful, especially when cutting multiple rounds for a project. A miter box has slots that allow you to make even cuts at 45 or 90 degrees. It's an excellent tool to use when you add measurements to your pool noodles; you'll always have precise, balanced cuts. While the miter box helps you achieve straight cuts, the knives will ensure the cuts are clean.

Serrated knives work to cut through pool noodles

When you're cutting through a standard pool noodle with a hollow center from top to bottom, you want a knife that won't leave the cut messy or give you a hard time. Serrated knives are one of the best tools you can use to cut a pool noodle. They look like mini saws, except they're used in the kitchen as bread knives. Serrated knives are long with pointy teeth along the bottom. They're perfect for cutting through tough, thick materials, allowing them to slice through pool noodles effortlessly. A knife with a straight blade will still cut through a pool noodle, but it'll be more challenging.

If you don't have a serrated knife in your toolbox, you can always use your bread knife from your kitchen to help you complete your DIY pool noodle hacks. However, if you want to purchase a new serrated knife or simply add one to your tool collection, Amazon has a 10-inch stainless steel serrated knife for $10.99. It has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon, where customers claim it's a good-quality, sturdy knife with sharp edges. The site also sells other sizes, including 8 and 12-inch models, if a 10-inch knife isn't the right size for you.

Utility knives work best for detailed cuts

For projects in which you're cutting pool noodles into smaller pieces or creating slits along the side of one, using a utility knife will be the most helpful. You can use scissors for smaller pieces, but they won't give you a straight cut. Instead, utility knives allow you to cut as many noodles as you want in a perfect line. In addition, retractable utility knives have adjustable blades, so choosing a short length will prevent you from cutting into the lower part of the pool noodle if you want the top to be the only section to have a slit. It gives you more control over where to cut and how deep to go.

Utility knives are highly affordable. Walmart sells a retractable utility knife for $1.97, with five separate blades included. If your blade becomes too dull or somehow breaks, you have five extras to replace the ones that stop working. It received a 4.6-star rating from customers. They state the utility knife has a nonslip grip in the perfect position on the sides of the knife, and it has a lightweight feel and sharp blades that make cutting through anything easy. Some reviewers claim the retraction is smooth, allowing them to pull back the blade without trouble.