Create Extra Kitchen Storage With This Creative Dollar Tree Cutting Board DIY

While most kitchens usually provide plenty of storage space, sometimes you may find that it's not quite sufficient to meet your needs. Rather than investing a hefty amount in upgrading the current storage in your kitchen or installing something new, you could instead DIY your own storage box using Dollar Tree cutting boards, as shown on TikTok by @hometalk. The best thing about it? You can customize the box to your liking so that it perfectly fits your storage needs. What more could you want?

Not only will this DIY solution offer you more storage space and help to update your kitchen, but it's also perfect for keeping your costs low if your purse strings are tight. In fact, its usability could rival many store-bought solutions on the market, so you'll be sacrificing almost nothing in that respect aside from perhaps a fancier design. If you're looking to get creative, all you'll need is 10 Cooking Concepts bamboo cutting boards from your local Dollar Tree for $1.25 each and some wood glue or other strong adhesive. The actual number of boards you need may vary depending on how many cubes you want in your storage box, so consider the overall design before making a purchase. Altogether, you should be able to complete this hack for no more than $12.50.

Build and customize your storage box

Once you have everything you need, begin to assemble your kitchen storage cubes. Remove the outer packaging and line up the edges of each board to create a square, essentially recreating a box shape. One by one, apply some glue to each edge and hold them together until they adhere. It may be a good idea to rough up or sand the edges of your cutting boards before applying the glue to help them adhere better. When you finish your first cube, repeat the process, adding another square underneath, until all your boards make up cubes stacked on one another. By the end, you should be left with what looks like stacked boxes, which you can place anywhere on your counter or wall. Use each cube to store whatever you need, such as salt and pepper, jars of spices, ornaments, or even to display houseplants.

There are many ways to adapt this hack to make it work for your needs. For starters, you could add your own shelving inside each cube to hold more items. Or, organize items in holders, such as these for $19.94 from Etsy. To help your new piece fit into your home's design, paint it any color from black to white to neon green. The choice is yours. If you decide to paint it, do so after assembling it. If you're trying to stay on a budget, keep in mind that purchasing additional items or customizing the design could raise the price tag for this hack.