The Brilliant Solution That Makes Stacking And Storing Coffee Mugs So Simple

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Unless you're a dedicated minimalist, chances are you have a mess of coffee mugs in your kitchen cabinet right now. Their bulky and squat shape takes up a lot of room, making it a challenge to fit them all in one unit. If you're struggling with this, you're likely searching for creative ways to display all of your mugs. However, sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Instead of installing special shelving, racks, or hooks, consider an organizer gadget that allows you to neatly stack your mugs.

While some mugs can easily be piled on top of each other, others can't due to their size or shape. This is where a stacking tool comes in, creating a flat, sturdy platform on top of the cup, making it possible to stack even the most awkwardly shaped mugs. Plus, it makes your cupboard look more streamlined since your entire collection will be organized into clean lines rather than lopsided towers. Here's a closer look at this cabinet hack that unlocks extra space.

Use a stacking gadget to organize cups on top of each other

One of the most efficient ways to utilize every inch of cabinet storage space is by using the vertical space on the shelves. This negative space can be used to stack two to three cups on top of each other, allowing you to store double or triple the amount of mugs in one space. A practical solution for this is a gadget like the ELYPRO Coffee Mug Organizer on Amazon. These handy disks, priced at $25 for a set of six, can be expanded or retracted to fit cups of different sizes. This is a great feature, since sometimes you have very wide mugs for cozy days and sometimes you have thinner ones for better heat retention.

To use them, simply put the disk on the mouth of the mug and squeeze it closed so it fits snugly. Then add your second cup on top. This not only ensures that your cups won't accidentally chip by being stacked inside each other, but it's also a great alternative to shelf risers. These small risers work great for utilizing vertical space in a cabinet, but sometimes the shelves are too small to accommodate them. In that case, these plastic disks work best.

Other gadgets for storing coffee mugs

If you're looking for other contraptions that can help you store your coffee mugs more efficiently, then you're in luck. There are a ton of different options to consider. If you have small espresso mugs, remove them from the shelf and instead hang them on hooks in the cabinet. For a tool-free installation, try the Better Houseware Cup Hooks from Amazon, which slide right on the top shelf. They retail for $9 for 12 hooks, allowing you to hang a decent collection. 

However, those hooks often can't handle too much weight, which is why it's best to only use espresso cups on them. If you want to hang coffee mugs, consider a device that screws into the shelf, such as the Cabinet Hook Mug Holder, which retails for $9 for eight hooks on Amazon. Alternatively, if you prefer something more cushioned for stacking mugs on top of each other, consider the Aifeedi Mug Stacker on Amazon. It's a disk made from silicone, providing a soft barrier between the two stacked cups.