Transform Your Cleaning Supply Storage With IKEA's Genius VARIERA Bag Dispenser Hack

Finding a handy hack to add more storage to your space is always thrilling. What can make those tips and tricks even better is when they take advantage of something that you already have or are easy to pick up such as Ikea products that can be used for organization. Just consider Ikea's Variera bag dispenser which is obviously a great item to keep around if you want to keep your plastic bags nice and tidy in a compact kind of way. That's not to mention the fact that it can also be used to store your cleaning supplies if you hang it up vertically instead of horizontally.

If you already have a Variera bag dispenser, then you know that it's meant to be installed vertically so that you can easily stuff it with bags which can then be pulled out of the holes on the side of the piece when needed. However, if you install it horizontally, then you can do a few different things. For instance, you can use it as a shelf and slide sponges, rags, and small towels inside. You can also use the holes on the upper section of the side as holders for dusters, brushes, and squeegees. As for the larger holes down the center, they can be used as hooks to hold onto spray bottles. Of course, that's not the only way that you can use this as a storage holder.

You can use the Ikea Variera bag dispenser around the house

It's easy to turn the Ikea Variera bag dispenser into a storage area for cleaning supplies, and there are various ways that you can use it to store cleaning supplies around the home. Just think about how many bottles, towels, and soaps end up filling cupboards or the space under the sink in the kitchen and bathroom. That's exactly the kind of spot where a Variera piece can come in handy. You might also consider putting one in your garage to hold rags and polishes. You could also keep one in your laundry room, foyer, or mudroom, just to name a few spots in your home where one of these organizers might come in handy. You can also put one outside or in a shed or garage where the plastic piece would work just as well.

It can also be used to keep other items tidy, like umbrellas, yoga mats, rolls of wrapping paper, tall boxes of aluminum foil, and toilet paper that you can put in vertically. On top of that, it can hold vacuum cleaner attachments that can be hung from the holes, and cords that can be placed inside. It's also an ideal spot to stash toys and stuffed animals as well as clothes such as socks or underpants. That's not to mention coffee pods that can be popped into the holes.