Here's How We'd Use The IKEA BILLY Bookcase In Every Room Of The House

According to IKEA, one BILLY bookcase is bought every five minutes. Since its creation in 1979, BILLY has gained popularity for its universal appeal and customizability. With multiple variations and configurations of shelves, BILLY can fit into any space. It's far more than a simple bookshelf. With some imagination and a few bookcases, you'll be able to completely transform a room. To get your brain storming, we're sharing how we would use the BILLY bookcase in every room of the house. 

Fans of IKEA know the beauty of their customizable furniture. There are sites devoted to finding the best IKEA hacks because the furniture is so easy to modify. Many of our ideas require a little creativity, but that's the best part of buying a BILLY — the possibilities. You don't need to be a carpenter to change it and doing so can be a budget-friendly way to gain custom furniture. 

Design an entertainment center for the living room

BILLY is available in many configurations, all of which fit together beautifully. Built-in entertainment centers typically cost between $5,000 and $15,000. Creating a custom wall unit with BILLY bookcases costs a fraction of the price. The longer, narrow bookcase works well horizontally underneath a TV. It can be connected to vertical bookcases on either side for that built-in appearance.

Take your home office to the next level

An office without shelving is fairly impractical. The BILLY will keep you organized and on top of your game. You can use two BILLY bookcases on either side of your desk for easy access and structural support. Should that feel a little claustrophobic, IKEA also makes a BILLY perfect for corners. Add drawer additions or baskets for document storage.

Help the kids get organized

The shorter BILLY models are the perfect toy storage units for empowering children to put things away. Labeled baskets within reach enable self-sufficiency and keep things off the floor. Painting the inside of the shelves or lining them with patterned contact paper is a fun way to add pops of color. Painting one side with chalkboard paint is another way to make the smaller BILLY child interactive. 

Put away the good plates in the dining room

The beauty of BILLY is everything that can be done to it. Adding glass doors is one of the best ways to transform it into a chic credenza. IKEA has doors specifically made for the bookcase. The OXBERG panel doors come in glass and half-glass, letting you customize how much you see into the unit. A coat of paint or textured contact paper would further elevate this would-be statement piece. 

Give your kitchen an upgrade

Having more space in the kitchen is always a good thing. The BILLY would completely change a pantry and provide ample space for food, appliances, or extra cookware. There are several height-addition units and attachable components that you can use to create a pantry specific to your needs. Open shelves are great for food or accessible baskets, and the BILLY/OXBERG units will hide extra kitchen equipment and bulk items.

Get that luxury walk-in closet feel

Walk-in closets are usually reserved for hanging clothes and perhaps some shoes on the floor. Lining one or all walls with BILLY bookcases will create space for more clothing and accessories. Shorter models can go underneath hanging clothes, and taller units can display shoes, handbags, and folded clothes. Adding these built-in units to a closet will give it an expensive look without the matching price tag. 

Add hallway storage with a sideboard

Most rooms could benefit from more storage, but not every space needs a built-in bookshelf. When you're in need of some out-of-sight organization, opt for a shorter BILLY model and a set of doors. IKEA carries several styles of doors, many of which are solid. A coat of paint will elevate the piece; just be sure to learn the best way to paint IKEA furniture.

Display what you love

No matter what you intend to display, the BILLY offers a chic way to do so. Installing fitted glass panel doors offers a stylish display case appearance. IKEA makes several doors meant to be used with the BILLY. Keeping your special memorabilia behind the glass lets you enjoy the view of it while keeping the item safe at the same time.

Create a cozy book nook with a built-in illusion

Putting together multiple BILLY models is an easy way to get a comfortable book nook or a grand library, depending on your space. They join so seamlessly that it will appear as though you have a custom built-in unit. Line entire walls or carve out a corner so you can read and forget the world.