Clever Ways To Use Paper Towel Holders Around The House

Who doesn't have a paper towel holder in their kitchen? It goes hand in hand with the common cleaning supply. However, with the desire to reduce waste and be more eco-friendly on the rise, cost-effective paper towel alternatives are becoming popular, so you might have a holder or two that need a new job. Luckily, there are many ways a paper towel holder can be put to good use, as they are great for organization in the laundry room, closet, bathroom, and other areas of your home. 

Wall-mounted and standing paper towel racks both work for these hacks, although some are better with one type over the other. Those installed on the wall are great for utilizing empty space or freeing countertops and floor real estate, while standard holders are easy to move from one area to the next and have a height advantage. If you don't already have one, you could purchase the Cooking Concepts Nickel Colored Wire Paper Towel Holder for $1.25 at Dollar Tree. Unlock a new world of storage by taking the paper towel holder out of the kitchen.

Store toilet paper

Say goodbye to toilet paper rolls that are far out of reach in the hall closet or taking up too much space underneath the bathroom sink. Instead, stack extra rolls on a freestanding paper towel holder for neat storage. Keep it in the bathroom next to the toilet for easy access. It makes for a stylish stockpile that allows you to see when you're running low at a glance.

Stack craft supplies

Keep your craft supplies tidy by storing spools of ribbon, yarn, washi tape, and other goodies on a paper towel holder. A freestanding one is easy to move, so you'll have your tools wherever the need to make art calls. However, this hack works with mounted holders too. Just slide the rolls on horizontally and hang them up in your craft workspace. Everything will be neatly stacked and won't be at risk of tangling.

Create hanging space in the laundry room

A wall-mounted paper towel holder leads to extra hanging space in your laundry room. The kitchen tool serves as a mini closet rod that's perfect for hanging pieces you should never put in your dryer and small items like shoelaces. The paper towel holder helps you take advantage of unused space beneath upper cabinets, on the wall, or on the side of your appliances.

Organize your accessories

Your accessory organization is getting a paper towel holder upgrade, as these items are great for optimizing a small wardrobe. Bring the kitchen stand into your closet or bathroom to store hair ties, headbands, and belts. Wall-mounted options are best for hanging necklaces, bracelets, ties, and hoop earrings. Install it to refresh underutilized areas like behind the closet door, under your floating shelf, or on the side of a bookcase.

Store cookie cutters

Free up room in your kitchen drawers for utensils by moving your cookie cutters to the paper towel rack. The close loop on the baking tool ensures that they'll stay in place while stacked on the holder. Store it away and pull it out whenever you are making cookies or want to add a decorative look to sandwiches. One rack can house roughly a dozen cookie cutters.

DIY a lazy susan

You can create a lazy susan ideal for storing fruit and veggies with a standing paper towel holder, two pie tins, marbles, four small wire baskets, zip ties, twine, and hot glue. First, glue the paper towel stand to the inside of a pie tin and wrap the entire holder, as well as the exterior of the other pie tin, in twine. Next, zip-tie the baskets to the holder, creating two tiers. Finally, add the marbles into the second pie tin and place your creation onto the marble-filled pan. Now, you have a chic turntable.

House trash bags

Both standing and wall-mounted paper towel holders work great for storing rolls of trash bags. Just take the roll out of its box, slide it onto the holder, and you're ready to go. Place the stand near the garbage bins, under the kitchen sink, or in the closet for easy access. This will keep those bulky boxes from taking up valuable real estate, and you'll easily be able to pull off a bag when needed.