HGTV's Egypt Sherrod Reveals The Best Thing You Can Do To Stage Your Home And It's Totally Free

Staging is an essential aspect of the selling process that can make or break the sale of your home. The goal is always to have a clean, clutter-free environment that feels welcoming because it allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. When staging your home, you may have to purchase some items like neutral furniture or basic decorations. However, Egypt Sherrod has a much simpler tip that's completely free — she says to let the natural light in. "Natural light: It's coming up as number two on the most important things on buyer's lists, [so] it's on the must-have list," she told KTLA 5 News via YouTube.

Not only is natural lighting an important factor for buyers, but it can also benefit the appearance of your home by making the interior feel more airy and inviting. An abundance of natural light also makes it easier for potential buyers to see and appreciate a room because it brings out the details. More light can also make a space appear bigger than it actually is, which could be a selling point for some. 

How to let natural light in

When staging your home, certain rooms should take priority. The kitchen, living room, and master bedroom are the most important spaces in a home and are therefore consequential in a buyer's ultimate decision. Make sure you let natural light into these spaces so that anyone who comes in leaves with a good impression. To do this, pull the curtains and drapes away from the windows or lift the blinds. In bedrooms, Egypt Sherrod says to remove the blackout curtains, as those will definitely keep the sunlight out (via KTLA 5 News on YouTube).

Sherrod also says to "open up those windows [and] wash them down," as this will provide potential buyers with some fresh air and make your space appear clean. You should also tidy up any areas that are in view from the windows like the backyard or driveway. "If you have shrubs climbing up on your window on the outside, cut them down so they don't block the sunlight," Sherrod advises. Anything that keeps the light from pouring into the space, including things that are located both inside and outside the home, should be removed.

Redesigning your home to maximize natural light

If you lack natural light in the most-used spaces of the home, you may need to take more drastic measures to brighten up the dark rooms. Perhaps your rooms are tiny and have small windows, or maybe they have no windows at all. Whatever the case may be, Egypt Sherrod recommends changing your floor plan with an impactful renovation to increase the value of your home before selling. "If your house has small rooms that block the flow of natural light, consider knocking down some (non-load-bearing!) walls or just widening doors," she writes for Atlanta Magazine. "This creates the illusion of a larger space." 

If you don't have the budget or desire to complete a renovation project, you can also use specific decorative elements when staging to create the effect of more space and openness. For instance, hang up reflective surfaces like mirrors on the walls or place them in the corners. Also use light paint shades like white on the walls and stage with light-colored furniture and accessories. If you do this, everything will work together to bounce the sunlight around and make the room appear brighter.