We Finally Know What Those Holes At The Top Of Your Ladder Are For

Chances are all of us have climbed up a ladder at least a time or two during our lives. But depending on the type of ladder you have, you may have not noticed, and therefore not utilized, the extra holes on the top of the ladder that can make your next DIY job a lot easier. Those seemingly random holes are actually there to help you organize everything from screwdrivers to paint cans, so you don't have to go up and down the ladder to get them.

Depending on type of ladder — and the age of your ladder, as older ladders might not have as many — each indent and hole has at least one, but sometimes even more, purposes. The different sized holes themselves are intended to hold a whole range of tools, while a center indent can be used to hold a quart of paint, painter's tape, or even be a good holding place for different nails and screws. Many have hooks on the back of the ladder to hang a larger can of paint, as well as slits on the front where you can attach a paint roller tray. TikTok user @jmgator also gives a great tip that, while his particular ladder doesn't have a specific place for a tape measure, he likes to attach the clip on his tape to the ladder supports, so he can just reach down a grab it when he needs it. Basically, ladders are a lot more versatile than you may think!

The type of ladder makes a difference

Now, if you're shopping for a ladder, many newer models can have a variety of different features, so it's good to keep in mind what you think you'll be using the ladder for and how often you'll be using it, and purchase accordingly. Many of them now have slide-in tray hooks that let you use a variety of attachments, be it utility trays or small paint pails, which can be quite versatile. Therefore, it's worth looking into a lot of different ladders with your specific needs kept top of mind. 

All these handy built-in storage spots are great, but when it comes time to move your ladder, you should make sure to remember that you have tools and other bits hanging out on the top. The last thing you want are screwdrivers, nails, or paint cans raining down on you. And, in general, make sure you aren't storing your ladder wrong, so that you can preserve its longevity.