What It Means If You See A Home With A Black Porch Light

Lights have a lot of power in a setting and they not only set the tone and mood of an event or place but they help relay a message. They also help to mark important occasions. When you have a house, you can tailor your indoor lighting the exact way you prefer and the same goes for the outside area of your home whether you have a small porch or a big one. Black porch lights can signify both events to mourn and occasions to celebrate.

Many people prefer bright lights on their porches to alert them to potential intruders. However, this isn't a foolproof solution since providing light for criminals can make it easier for them to see the best way to get into your home whereas the dark makes them work harder to gain access. Besides white lights, colored lights are another option for front porches. Some people use green lights to commemorate St. Patrick's Day and also to honor veterans. Red lights honor firefighters, while pink brings awareness to breast cancer. The meaning behind a black light bulb on a porch can be on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Black porch lights can signal mourning

A black-light bulb typically transmits very little light and appears either as a faint blue or purple glow to denote a somber occasion. Traditionally black is known as the color most used to signal death and mourning. Black is often worn at funerals and even after funerals. In the Victorian era, widows were expected to wear black clothing for at least two full years. Things have lightened up since then, and black is now often reserved for only wearing to the actual funerals.

Still, color can reflect inner feelings. Some people choose to use black light bulbs if they are in mourning as a means of expression. It can also be a way to let neighbors and family members know that they are not interested in celebrating or frivolous activities. It may also be a way to express to neighbors to please be courteous outside the home. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the family's feelings but simply is meant to honor the departed. They can be used when people gather for a memorial service in the yard. Black light bulbs also can be turned on when gathering back at the house after a wake.

Celebrate spooky events with black porch lights

In opposition to suffering and grief, black porch light bulbs can simply be a way to celebrate Halloween or a costume party. Many people go all out for Halloween and not only decorate the inside of their homes but also make the outside delightfully spooky. Some do it because they have children and handing out candy is their annual tradition. Others do it to entice trick-or-treaters with a fun-filled yet mildly scary experience.

An innovative way to use a black light bulb is when it's used to showcase a tattoo. Though some people like to keep their tattoos hidden by placing them in a spot where they can be covered by clothes, some go the extra mile. There are tattoos available that are done using UV ink. This means that they can only be seen underneath black lighting.

Though black light bulbs can be useful and even fun at various times of the year, you may want to change the porch lights after a while. If you want to swap out and change colors at will, speak to a lighting or home store professional who can guide you to the best types of lights that have easy bulb changes.