Turn Your Front Door Into A Giant Present This Christmas With This Simple DIY

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Front doors during the holiday season often set the tone for holiday decor, where they are usually festooned with wreaths, ribbons, pine garlands, and lights to welcome holiday visitors. TikTok user @finnney10 recently showed us an easy DIY trick for making your front door look pretty as a present with just a few yards of red tulle fabric from the craft store. By wrapping the tulle vertically and horizontally around the door, an ordinary door is outfitted perfectly for the season with a perfectly gift-wrapped look.

6-inch tulle fabric is widely available in festive shades in 25-foot rolls and is available from places like Micheal's and JoAnn's Fabric for around $5, making it a great alternative to more expensive door wrap kits and covers like this one from Amazon. You can also fully customize it to fit your holiday scheme. It looks great alone as door decor or combined with other accents like Christmas wreaths or evergreen swags for a fully decorated door. While it makes a great holiday idea for the front door, it's easy to wrap your interior doors in the same way.

Gift wrapping your front door

To create a gift-wrapped door, simply wrap the tulle in several layers vertically until you have achieved your desired look. Cut, then wrap more around the door horizontally. Use the tulle to make a simple gathered bow where they intersect. This is also a great place to add custom holiday accents like sprigs of holly, evergreen picks, or ornaments with some hot glue. 

To customize the look, variations for this fun DIY can be achieved by using other fabric materials instead of tulle. For a thicker and more Victorian look, use a Christmas plaid or holiday-themed fabric cut into long strips. You can also use decorative mesh — like this from Joann, burlap, or wide ribbon. Wired ribbon designed for new car bows is also a great option. Choose a transparent material and use command strips to secure battery-operated twinkle lights underneath, which will cause the ribbon to glow from within.