Use A Few Dollar Tree Brooms To DIY A Stunning Holiday Light Archway

In the holiday season, many homeowners like to pull out all the stops in decorating their yards and outdoor spaces, complete with jolly snowmen, reindeer, hundreds of twinkle lights, and other festive accents. TikTok user @hometalk, however, may have been introduced to an easy DIY that is the perfect addition or finishing touch for your outdoor holiday decor. Using only a few Dollar Tree brooms, some flexible PVC piping, and Christmas lights, the TikToker creates an enchanted archway that is the perfect way to greet your guests this holiday season. 

After removing the heads of each broom, use the sticks as stakes, driving them firmly into the ground. Then place long lengths of PVC pipe down over the sticks in an arch shape, forming the overhead supports. Finish off the project by wrapping the archway with twinkle lights, creating a perfect covered pathway for the front yard. It's a beautiful project that costs around $30 for the piping, brooms, and lights, making it great for holiday decorating on a budget

Creating an enchanted archway

While @hometalk's arches are simply decorated with lights, you can also use the framework of the archway for more holiday decor by adding real or artificial garland around to cover the PVC pipe more fully before adding the lights. You can also decorate it with other holiday accents like bows, poinsettias, tiny packages, or ornaments. Use a white pipe and wrap a red ribbon around the arches to create a candy cane look. You can also use gold or silver textured spray paint for a metallic look on the arches. Or, you can wrap foam pool noodles around the piping for a thicker, chunkier look. 

While this makes a great holiday decoration, it's also a DIY that can be used in other seasons. Add fall leaves and garland in autumn or use it as a trellis for climbing vines, real or fake, during warmer months. It would also make a perfectly budget-friendly alternative to other kinds of arches or trellises for a charming backyard wedding.