The Christmas Decorating Hack To Create A Sugary Sweet Tree

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While tree decorating during the holidays can span the gambit from traditional to unique and upcycled, truly unusual trees can be an eye-catching addition to your holiday decor every year. While some people revel in greens and red or stick to more subdued metallics and neutrals, pops of bright candy-colored accents are also a great look for any Christmas tree. TikTok user @samholtwick recently showed off an amazing hack using simple Dollar Tree bath poufs and handmade paper cones to create large fluffy ornaments with a nod to sugary and delicious cones of cotton candy. 

The result is a stunningly colorful tree that evokes sugar plum fairies and Candy Land games. These ornaments would look perfect on a pastel or flocked tree for a frothy, sweet holiday look. Even better, the $1-each bath scrubbers are far less expensive than similar poufy ornaments available from retailers, making outfitting your entire tree in them an extremely budget-friendly decorating hack.

Making ornaments from bath poufs

You will need several inexpensive bath poufs like these from Dollar Tree or Amazon, which come in a variety of bright and saturated hues, perfect for a boldly colored tree. Remove any tags or hangers from the scrubbers. Using a sheet of cardstock, create paper cones, adding glue around the top perimeter, which you will use to stick the bath pouf to the cone. After they have dried, stick the cones in your tree amidst other candy-themed decorations and string lights.

While @samholtwick leaves the bath poufs in all their colorful glory for her candy-hued tree, you can also use a more limited color palette like all pink or all blue to fit your holiday decor. These decorative accents would also look amazing spray-painted gold or silver for a more metallic-themed tree. All-white would also work beautifully to evoke fluffy snowballs. Use the candy-colored poufs anywhere you would use other ornaments and holiday trimmings like garlands, wreaths, and swags. You can also use the bath poufs on a wreath form to create a bright and puffy wreath in single or multiple colors. Or, consider gluing two poufs together on top of each cone to make the ornaments look like scoops of ice cream.