This Dollar Tree Wooden Organizer DIY Is Perfect For Your Cluttered Kitchen

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If you tend to scroll social media for DIY projects to improve your home, you know the feeling of envy that can flare up when you see a gorgeous project that's just too pricey or time-consuming. One surefire way to avoid that feeling is to keep an eye out for DIY hacks that utilize items from Dollar Tree. Even more complicated projects become affordable, as each major component only costs you $1.25.

TikTok — purveyor of DIY hacks — is a treasure trove of easy and affordable Dollar Tree projects. One particularly useful Dollar Tree hack was posted by DIY community @hometalk. In the video, the creator attaches Dollar Tree mini-crates to vertical wooden signs to create a cute, versatile organizer for holding all kinds of lightweight items. From kitchen staples like tea bags and coffee pods to vitamin packs, you might find yourself wanting to make more than one unit to meet your cluttered kitchen's organizational needs. 

How to make your own Dollar Tree organizer

To craft your own DIY organizer, you'll need eight mini-crates and two matching vertical wooden plank signs from Dollar Tree. For tools, gather a small amount of wood stain, wood glue, and a staple gun with staples. If you don't have access to a staple gun, try swapping out your wood glue with a heavy-duty construction adhesive like Liquid Nails from Amazon instead. First, stain all the wooden components. Be sure to choose a wood stain color that goes with your home's aesthetic. 

To assemble the organizer, glue and staple the mini-crates to each other in pairs of two. Finally, attach each sign to opposite sides of each pair of crates, creating rows of crates sandwiched between the two signs. Just be sure to leave even spaces between each row.

Allow the glue 24 hours to cure before placing items in the organizer. Once your organizer is secure, the possibilities for storage are endless. Use your organizer to store dried herbs, teas, or pre-packaged snacks like chocolate, candy, and granola bars. Or, branch out and use it to store anything small around your kitchen that comes in different varieties. This could include anything from cough drops and other medications you might take with your morning coffee to a full-blown spice rack.