My Lottery Dream Home Proves Wallpaper Can Make Or Break The Sale Of Your Home

Wallpaper can significantly change any room's appearance — for better or worse. If you want to add wallpaper to a room in your home before trying to sell it, it's crucial to choose the right wallpaper for the space. While a good-looking wallpaper that successfully decorates the walls and enhances the room may make potential buyers fall in love with your home, a tacky or distracting wallpaper might push people away.

"My Lottery Dream Home" provides an amusing example of how wallpaper can evoke mixed reactions (via YouTube), as the person looking at the house sees a bold wallpaper in the bathroom, saying, "Big size, very nice. I love double sinks. I'm not in love with the tile and definitely don't like the wallpaper at all." On the other hand, David Bromstad said, "I think it's amazing. I think it really takes this bathroom from something very simple to something very glamorous and cool." Thus, if you have bold wallpaper in your home and plan on selling it, expect to receive some different opinions regarding the wallpaper.

Tips for finding the right wallpaper

Wallpaper is better than painting if you want to save time and money while giving your space an attractive, sellable upgrade without as much commitment as painting the walls. When choosing wallpaper for any room in your home, think of it as adding an accessory to an outfit, as appropriate accessories can instantly elevate any ensemble from basic to fashionable.

"Find a wallpaper design that complements the overall color palette of the room. Look at the colors and tones of the furniture, light fixtures, floors and rugs. Also, think about the function of the room the wallpaper will be going into," Robert Malmberg, the designer who founded Malmberg Studio, told The Washington Post. For instance, if you have a small guest room with a lot of red furniture and decorations, a bright blue or green wallpaper will likely clash and give the room an overwhelming, chaotic look.

Interior designer Brian Gluckstein also posted a TikTok video offering suggestions for determining if a wallpaper will work for the space. Gluckstein advised that in addition to thinking about colors and patterns, you should consider whether the material is the right fit too. He noted that luxury peel-and-stick wallpaper is an excellent, versatile option, as people can remove it without stress if they decide they don't like it or want to change it after a while.

More examples of wallpaper hits and misses

The previously mentioned "My Lottery Dream Home" episode isn't the only example of reaction-provoking wallpaper. TikToker @shilpacacho posted a video demonstrating how some wallpaper can improve a home office. The TikTok user showed that while she was still unpacking in her new home office, the beautiful, marble-inspired wallpaper creating an accent wall made the room look significantly more unique and attractive, saying, "Woah, how beautiful." Impressed viewers even commented, "Looks amazing!!!!" and "Oh that looks cool!"

Real estate agent Kaylee J. Oaks also shared a video showing a wallpaper example that helped bring up a home's value. The agent posed in front of an attractive floral wallpaper featuring light blue, pink, and green hues, captioning the video, "Currently obsessing over this wallpaper at my listing. Making unique upgrades like this to your home can really make it stand out on the market."

On the other hand, some TikTokers aren't afraid to show wallpaper fails. For instance, @thegoodwrench uploaded a video showing how she installed a colorful and chaotic wallpaper, only to hate the results and tear it all off. Meanwhile, @redheadrealtorphilly posted a video showing how much she despises blinds covered in floral wallpaper, noting that it scares away potential buyers.