Save Your Toilet Paper Rolls To DIY Adorable Christmas Decor

Upcycling old items into Christmas decorations is an excellent way to get into the holiday spirit while saving a few bucks and being nice to the plant. We know which of Santa's lists you'll end up on if you recycle your old items instead of throwing them into the trash, where they'll end up in a landfill. If you're not sure where to begin with Christmas decoration DIYs, start by collecting your empty toilet paper rolls and making them into adorable snowman or Christmas tree ornaments. To do this, you'll cut the rolls, stack and glue them together, and then adorn the pieces with small, decorative items.

Creating your own ornaments is a fun craft for everyone in the family, even the youngest members, and a great activity for holiday parties. These low-cost DIY ornaments are perfect for dangling on the Christmas tree, but they could also be hung from door handles, stair railings, or fireplace mantels. You can even forgo hanging them altogether and prop the decor items up on a table or shelf instead. To make one ornament, you'll need three toilet paper rolls, ribbon, paint, glue, scissors, construction paper, and any other art supplies you want to use to decorate the pieces. However, you can also substitute some of these materials as needed. For instance, you could use paper towel rolls instead of toilet paper ones, markers or nail polish instead of paint, and rustic twine instead of ribbon.

How to upcycle toilet paper rolls into ornaments

You'll need a small, medium, and large toilet paper roll to make the ornament's base. Use the standard size for the large, slice a quarter off for the medium one, and cut another in half for the small (save the other half). Next, color the three rolls with paint or another art supply. Go white if you're making a snowman or green for a Christmas tree. Then, glue everything together in size order, with the smallest piece at the top.

For the snowman, the other half-piece of the roll can be colored black to become the top hat. Cut a circle from black construction paper for the hat's rim and glue it to one side of the roll. Then, poke a hole in the center of the paper and loop a ribbon through so you can hang the ornament. Attach the top hat to your snowman's head, and you're ready to decorate the piece. Use construction paper, markers, or pom poms for the carrot nose, scarf, and buttons.

For the Christmas tree, use the extra half-piece for the trunk instead of the top hat. Color it brown and glue it vertically to the center of the large roll. Then, loop ribbon through the smallest roll to create the anchor the ornament will hang from. Sequins, glitters, tinsel, and tissue paper are ideal for decorating the mini tree. Now, you have a stellar, eco-friendly Christmas ornament that everyone will love.