This Genius Picture Frame Hack Will Protect Your Table From Menorah Wax Drips

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As you begin to decorate your table for Hanukkah and set up your menorah, prepping ahead of time will allow you to better enjoy your celebration. Whether you plan out your dinner menu a few days in advance or pick out new, colored candlesticks, the cleanup is possibly the one thing you're not looking forward to, especially when you have to clean up wax drippings from the menorah after Hanukkah. Instead of letting the wax fall onto your table or tablecloths and staining them, DIY a handy and stylish drip tray using a picture frame.

TikTok user @hanukkahkits made a video showing how she completed this DIY. She used items all from Dollar Tree: the picture frame, Star of David cookie cutter, colored sand, painter's tape, and clear-drying glue. Before you recreate this DIY, measure your menorah to help you find the perfect picture frame. The TikTokker used a smaller one, but it's best to use a frame that's the length of your menorah to ensure it catches all the wax. TikTok user @hannukahkits also suggested purchasing one with two pieces of glass. 

You can buy everything you need at Dollar Tree, like @hanukkahkits did, or shop at other stores for more variety. Hobby Lobby has a double-glass frame for $13.99 regularly and $6.99 on sale. It has a stand, which you can remove to lay it flat. Amazon has a pack of 12 colored sand bottles for $9.99, Hobby Lobby has clear-drying glue for $2.49, and Amazon sells the cookie cutter for $7.99.

DIY a menorah drip tray using a picture frame

Gather all your materials and take them to your crafts table. Start by removing the top glass of the picture frame. Tape the backside of the frame to keep the glass in place. Then, place your cookie cutter in the center of your frame. In the space outside the star, add a layer of glue and thickly cover it with your colored sand. Add another layer of glue inside the cookie cutter, coating it with different-colored sand. 

Allow the glue and sand to completely dry for 24 hours. After a couple of hours, carefully remove the cookie cutter to avoid it sticking to the frame. After 24 hours, gently tip the frame upside down, tap the excess sand onto a paper napkin, and re-install the top glass. Finally, place your menorah on the frame, and it's ready to catch all the wax.

If you find the sand too messy, you can draw a beautiful Hanukkah design or write all the things you love about Hanukkah on a blank sheet of paper and slip it into the frame. It's quicker than glue and sand, and it'll still give you a gorgeous menorah holder. On the other hand, you can repurpose an old picture frame in your home with a standard cardboard backing by drawing directly on it with markers or paint instead of buying a new one. This picture frame hack is one of our favorites because you can use it year after year.