Grab Some Shower Hooks For This Genius Dollar Tree Pantry Storage Hack

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If you're fortunate to have a pantry to store all your beverages, cans, dry goods, and snacks, some of your items might be fighting for room if space is limited. Whether it's just your pantry that's small or you're living in a compact home that lacks storage, one of the best designer secrets we know of to maximize available storage is to use vertical space. And in this case, it's a super budget-friendly hack too. If you get over to the Dollar Tree and pick up some shower hooks and small wire baskets, you can hang them vertically off each other. This way, they'll hold your snacks and keep all of it tidy.

There are a couple of important notes about this hack. It will work best if your existing pantry is made from wire shelving or otherwise has an obvious and secure place for you to attach the shower hooks. If your pantry shelves are wooden, you could consider adding screw-in cup hooks — these on Amazon cost $8 and hold up to 40 lbs, though your items should weigh significantly less. 

How to rig extra storage for your pantry

Assuming it's pretty easy to attach shower hooks to the bottom shelf of your pantry, all you need to do first is gather your items. You can get a busload of Clear Plastic Shower Curtain Rings for $5 at Dollar Tree. There are a few types of wire baskets available too. The ones used in the above TikTok are similar to these Essentials Gold Wire Trays, also at Dollar Tree. However, you could go for lightweight rattan, straw, fabric, or simple plastic trays.

The basic idea for this organizational pantry hack is to attach a shower hook through both sides of the basket and then securely attach the hooks to your bottom shelf. Then add two more hooks to a basket, but this time, you'll attach it to the first basket. Add one more and that should be enough. Note that in order for this hack to work safely, what you choose to store needs to be your lightest-weight items. Think bags of chips, after-school-sized boxes of raisins, leftover Halloween candy, or individually wrapped crackers. Voila — instant storage!